25 Responses to ooamerica Photos Times Square New York preview

  1. This is such an amazing picture!

  2. Great picture!! I’ll be in NYC tomorrow.

  3. Atari says:

    Very cool. Time lapse?

    • ooa revo says:

      Hi Atari! I wasn’t clear with the meaning of ‘picture': this series of works are collages / montages of photos – this used to be explicited on the homepage and the about description. This is an ongoing project and I hope to be able to share more about it soon. Thanks!

  4. Fantastic image. Reminds me of the photo-realistic paintings by Robert Estes.

  5. Sean Rone says:

    True Art – !no/questions/asked! You, sir, are a genius whom I wish to meet someday.

  6. shaanthz says:

    Thank you for stopping by. Love the picture of Times Square, where I go so often, but this looks fantastic.

  7. Awesome composite! I look forward to learning more about this project.

  8. Nice picture. I live near Time’s Square and this picture really doesn justice to the visual overload that can occur when standing right smack dab in the middle of it.

    • ooa revo says:

      Thanks. It’s interesting that this ‘visual overload’ is both what makes Times Square such a popular attraction and the reason why one may feel overwhelmed when there.

  9. I’m not sure whether this is a photo or a painting but I’m really liking it, just tweeted it on twitter. Great job on it.

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