Travel Photos Savannah to Fernandina Florida

Travel Photos Savannah to Fernandina Florida

Photos from near Hilton Head, South Carolina, Savannah, Georgia and into northern Florida. Hasn’t been easy to update lately while on the road, more stories, videos and photos soon!

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  2. herbork says:

    Good stuff, as always. Hope you also got a chance to check out Amelia Island when you were down Fernandina Beach way. It’s a Fifties’ time-capsule community being rediscovered by people like John Travolta and John Grisham, both of whom are building homes on the Island. Every pizza box you ever got comes from a factory there, too. Honest!

  3. Like the bricks and pavement textures…

  4. M. Arnold says:

    Love the sky picture! Love how you captured such feeling and emotion!

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