‘Running’ into the team of professional runner Jason Lester’s helpers in Williamsburg, VA. Jason is running cross-country for Nike’s ‘Journey for a Better World‘. Then meeting several people in Myrtle Beach and Isle of Palms during an awing sunrise. Music by Brian R.

25.5 – SC: Myrtle Beach and Isle Palm Sunrise “What’s your philosophy in life?”

24.5 – Williamsburg, VA “What’s your philosophy in life?”

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  2. Pattie says:

    So, where are you now?

    • ooa revo says:

      Hi Pattie, right now we’re in Birmingham, AL – there’s a delay between the posts and our actual itinerary (especially due to the video editing, which can be time-consuming.) Since this post, SC, we went down Florida and back up, then through Georgia and Atlanta, and have now just begun the northwestern leg of the trip. Thanks.

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