ooamerica USA Road-trip: Kickstarter!

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We are launching the Kickstarter campaign today.

Frankly, I’m quite nervous about this, for several reasons:

–       the success and quality of the movie production is contingent upon this funding campaign, which will enable us to hire seasoned film professionals for the editing, post-production and imaging, as well as to get a rocking original soundtrack.

–       while the movie is only one aspect of the ooamerica project, it is the one which is most likely to concentrate more than a year’s worth of work into a nicely packaged production.

Kickstarter will help make a ‘professional’ movie – it is not to cover the costs of the trips and filming, paid out of our own pocket. The final movie, as well as all pictures posted on ooamerica and previous works will be available as tokens of our gratitude.

Thanks to all friends, fans and visitors for your valued support and contributions. All of your ideas and suggestions are most welcome! We need you!

I also believe that this project and the ‘What’s your philosophy in life?’ question has the potential to go far beyond the context of ooamerica and a USA road-trip.

There are many ideas, many good things that can come out of it. So this is only the first step.

No more details for now, but… you follow me?

A heartfelt thanks to all of you!

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