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Below is a list of some of the best travel sites, best travel blogs and other resources providing some of the best travel tips and information around the Web.

This list is comprised of websites that we personally read or use to help during travel journeys.

Because people’s interests are varied, I’ve divided the best travel sites into the following categories:

Best Top Twenty Travel Sites OOAworld Photo Ooaworld

I curated the following based on a mix of personal preferences, traffic rankings and public acclaim:

1) This list is by no means complete, nor is it objective. The category rankings are somewhat arbitrary and subjective, since these days most travel sites and travel blogs produce great content that falls under multiple categories (to feature a wide range of resources, each site appears in only one category).

2) This list is bound to evolve: I’ll be adding information and updating it regularly, and would love to hear your suggestions.

3) I hope it offers a good overview of some of the best travel sites out there, as well as a useful starting point for your travels – it certainly has for us!

Thanks to all the other bloggers and people who have also compiled thorough and well-researched lists, some of which I’ve used and linked to – with no exception, they’re all themselves featured! Hope this helps you with your travels and exploring the world, have fun!


Best Top Twenty Travel Sites OOAworld Photo Ooaworld

Top 20 Best Travel Sites and Best Travel Blogs by Ranking

The following list of Top 20 travel sites is based on quantitative measurements such as traffic rankings, Alexa score and Google Analytics. It is by no means scientific or hard-ranked; instead I’ve used a combination of the work done by 3 top travel bloggers to extract my favorite 20 high-traffic travel sites.

For more detailed lists and information on their process:

See the list by Nomadic Samuel on his Top 100 Travel Blogs – the father of all top travel blog lists, Nomadic Sam has been travel blogging and featuring the best travel bloggers since for ever, based on a combination of factors. Also factored in is a similar ranking by Brendan’s Adventures. As well as one by Matt Stabile, Founder of, on his Top 50 Travel Blogs – Most Visited (Unique Visitors).  Matt contacted some top travel bloggers and asked them if they could share their Google analytics (it also has the added benefit of providing social media handles straight from that page).

Nomadic Matt
Ytravel Blog
Legal Nomads
Everything Everywhere
Adventurous Kate
The Planet D
A Luxury Travel Blog
Uncornered Market
Wandering Earl
The Savvy Backpacker
Expert Vagabond
Hecktic Travels
Nomadic Samuel
Twenty-Something Travel
Wandering Trader

Best Travel Tips Sites Ooaworld Photo Ooaworld

Top 10 Travel Tips Sites and Travel Information Blogs

These are some of the best websites to find practical travel tips and useful travel information both for general purposes and specific forms of travel (air, discount, trains, etc.):

Amateur Traveler
As We Travel
Johnny Jet
The Man in Seat 61
The Savvy Backpacker
Travel Mamas

Best Budget Travel Sites OOAworld Photo Ooaworld

Top 10 Backpacking Travel Sites and Budget Travel Blogs

Some of the best backpacking and cheap travel websites, to make the most of your trip on a shoestring or tight budget:

Budget Traveller
A Little Adrift
Flip Nomad
Globetrotter Girls
One Step 4Ward
Young Adventuress
Our Oyster
The Poor Traveler
Cheapest Destinations Blog
The Professional Hobo

Best Luxury Travel Sites OOAworld Photo Ooaworld

Top 10 Luxury Travel Sites and Travel Blogs

Travel in style thanks to the tips and resources of these top travel sites and travel blogs:

A Luxury Travel Blog
Just Luxe
Luxury Travel Diary
Mrs. O Around the World
Luxe in a City
Wandering Carol
Luxury Travel Mom
The Travel Curator
World of Wanderlust

More Best Luxury Travel Sites

The Luxe Travel
The Cultureur 
The Travel Hack
The Luxury Editor
The Style Traveller

Best Adventure Travel Sites OOAworld Photo Ooaworld


Top 10 Adventure Travel Sites and Travel Blogs

Discover the world with outdoors activities, action-packed trips and other adventure packages thanks to these top travel sites:

Go See Write
Just One Way Ticket
Wild Junket
Never Ending Voyage
Ordinary Traveler
Borders Of Adventure
Around the World in 80 Jobs
Trans-Americas Journey

Best Photo Travel Sites OOAworld Photo Ooaworld

Top 10 Travel Photography Sites and Travel Blogs

Some of the most beautiful photography and top sites for travel photos :

Canvas of Light
Brendan’s Adventures
Adventures of a Goodman
Ken Kaminesky Photography
Finding The Universe
2 Backpackers
My Itchy Travel Feet
Beers and Beans
Leave Your Daily Hell

Best Video Travel Sites OOAworld Photo Ooaworld

Top 10 Travel Video Sites and Travel Blogs / Vlogs

Discover the world and travel through film and videos with these top sites:

Travel Yourself
Grrrl Traveler
Captain and Clark
MidLife Road Trip
Pause the Moment
Bacon is Magic
Tourist 2 Townie
David’s Been Here
Hey Nadine

Best Travel Writing Sites Ooaworld Photo Ooaworld

Top 10 Travel Writing Blogs and Sites

These websites offer great stories for readers seeking travel writing and literature:

The Everywhereist
Nerd’s Eye View
Fearful Adventurer
The Aussie Nomad
Inside The Travel Lab
Breathe Dream Go
Otts World
Butterfly Diary
A Little Adrift

Best Family Travel Sites OOAworld Photo Ooaworld

Top 10 Family Travel Sites and Travel Blogs

A list of top sites written by parents and family travelers, which will be useful for all readers seeking to do the same:

Bucket List Publications
Delicious Baby
Family On Bikes
Have Baby Will Travel
My Beautiful Adventures
Soul Travelers 3
The Mother of All Trips
The Traveling Praters
Travel With Bender
The Vacation Gals

More Best Family Travel Blogs

Sophie’s World
Suitcases and Sippy Cups
La Jolla Mom
Walking on Travels
Ciao Bambino! 
Pitstops for Kids 
Gone with the Family
The Vagabond Family
Family Travel Magazine
Travels with Baby
Jet with Kids
The Educational Tourist
Wanderlust and Lipstick
Currently Wandering

Best Explore Travel Sites OOAworld Photo Ooaworld

Top 10 Best ‘Explore’ Travel Sites and Blogs

Best Travel Sites and Blogs exploring a specific part of the world or providing a more in-depth look at different regions:

Cheese Web
I Dreamed Of This
Medellin Living
Fevered Mutterings
Turkish Travel Blog
Mike’s Road Trip
501 Places
Travel Reportage
Dream Euro Trip
Europe Up Close

Best Group Travel Sites OOAworld Photo Ooaworld

Top 10 Best Group Travel Sites and Blogs

Best Travel Sites and Blogs with multiple contributors.

Downtown Traveler
E Tramping
Four Jandals
Go Backpacking
GoNOMAD Travel
Out Of Town Blog
Solo Traveler
The Expeditioner
Travel Dudes
We Said Go Travel

Best Couple Travel Sites OOAworld Photo Ooaworld

Top 10 Couple Travel Blogs and Best Romantic Travel Destinations

This list features both websites and blogs that are edited by couples, or websites specifically geared towards romantic travel destinations:

1000 Fights
Almost Fearless
Bruised Passports
Changes in Longitude
Indie Travel Podcast
Extra Pack of Peanuts
Goats On The Road
Travel O Cafe
GQ Trippin
Green Global Travel

More Best Couple Travel Blogs

Gypsy Nester
Over Yonderlust
Positive World Travel
The Barefoot Nomad
The Constant Rambler
The Road Forks
Travel with a Mate
Traveling Canucks
Traveling With Sweeney
Wandering Educators

Best Solo Travel Sites OOAworld Photo Ooaworld

Top 10 Solo Travel Blogs and How to Travel Alone

Solo travel has become increasingly popular for both females and males, these websites will help you make the best out of your solo travels:

Top 10 Female Solo Travel Blogs

Alex In Wanderland
Be My Travel Muse
Bitten By The Travel Bug
Bohemian Trails
Nomadic Chick
Chasing the Unexpected
Brooke Vs The World
Bucket List Journey
Pommie Travels
Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

More Best Female Travel Blogs

A Dangerous Business
Around the World L
Breathe Dream Go
D Travels Round
Escape Artistes
Ever In Transit
Get In The Hot Spot
Heather on Her Travels
Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel
Just Travelous
Katie Aune
LL World Tour
Monkeys and Mountains
My Several Worlds
Never Ending Footsteps
Runaway Juno
Savoir Faire Abroad
Solo Friendly
Suzy Guese
That Backpacker
The Travel Chica
Travel Experta
Wild About Travel
Women On The Road
Wonderful Wanderings
Camels & Chocolate

Top 10 Male Solo Travel Blogs

Nomadic Notes
Man on the Lam
Breakaway Backpacker
Bren On The Road
Nomad Revelations
Dave’s Travel Corner
One Step 4Ward
Indie Traveller
Flip Nomad
Our Awesome Planet

More Best Male Travel Blogs

Time Travel Turtle
Francis Tapon
Aussie on the Road
Vagabond Journey
Pinoy Adventurista
Imperator Travel
Inspiring Travellers
Journey Wonders
Mai Travel Site
Mallory On Travel
Don’t Stop Living
Off The Path
Art of Adventuring
Stop Having a Boring Life
The Longest Way Home
The Runaway Guide
The Travel Tart
Traveling Savage
Traveling Ted
Travels of Adam
True Nomads
Velvet Escape
Virtual Wayfarer
Waegook Tom
What’s Dave Doing?

You can also view our complete alphabetical travel site list and index here.

It takes a lot of work to compile this list; I’ll do my best to update it regularly but I haven’t yet had time to add individual descriptions. Feel free to send me a blurb [carole’at’ooaworld’dot’com] if you’d like it to be included, or let me know if you think your website should be included here!

Thanks to all of you, hope this helps for your travels!

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