Who are you?

Hi, I’m ooa revo, a.k.a Jean Yves Chainon.

I’m a multimedia content creator / artist: I like to create using a range of different media and tools available, including Photos, Film, Writing, Drawing, Painting, Animation, Videos and XR / Immersive Media.

In the past I’ve worked as a professional multimedia journalist, Editor and Producer, and my work’s been published in various media outlets including the Washington Post and New York Times.

Since 2015 I also founded with my partner, Rolling Coconut, a XR / Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality and 360 video production and development studio. These immersive media will also be part of OOAworld’s stories.

Who / what is ‘OOA’?

I chose the artist name / pseudonym ‘ooa’ because the pronunciation of the letters ‘O’ and ‘A’ is universal and crosses all borders and cultures. As a concept I like to think of ‘OOA’ as also representing that idea: bridging differences and bringing people of all tides together through tolerance and peaceful thinking.

If it were to be an acronym for words, perhaps the concept would best be embodied by words such as Open, Original and Arts.

What is OOAworld?

It is a place where I record my work, as well as share it with you.

As such, OOAworld is a website dedicated to providing original, creative and qualitative multimedia storytelling.

Some of the main projects include a documentary movie, books, and artwork.

Through this content I attempt to re-create the experience of long-form travel journeys, but also share other content I create such as art, short films and movies.

How did it start? What are you working on?

OOAworld was born out of ooAmerica: in 2011 I quit my job and decided to “leave everything behind”, so I bought a clunker and drove around the USA “aimlessly” – at least at first.

I used to work as a multimedia journalist and was interested in documenting this story using the media at my disposal, including writing, photos, videos, film and artwork.

During this trip I started asking people I met “What’s your philosophy in life?” I thought the concept was interesting and had positive feedback on the blog.

So I decided to take it further and make a movie out of it, and travel around the world asking people this question.I’ll also be publishing the written novels and photo books.

Why are you doing this? What’s the point?

To promote peace and better understanding amongst people of all tides. To observe cultural patterns and differences, and through this, to bring people together. And also to have fun and learn some things along the way!

Where have you been?

ooAmerica: USA Road Trip, 25,000 miles through nearly all 50 states, spending about 10 months on the road living in a car.

ooAsia: Year-long Asia journey, from Japan to India, through China and Southeast Asia.

ooAmericaS (South America): late 2015 through mid-2016, then through several trips for a total of more than a year in Central and South America.

– Travels in 2017-2018 and since include the rest of the world: Eurooa, ooAfrica and ooceania!

Is OOAworld a Travel Blog or portfolio?

A little of both and neither at the same time.

I conceived OOAworld neither as a travel blog nor as a portfolio. Instead, it was meant to be a life-log of all my professional and artistic production. In that sense it can be read chronologically – to a certain extent.

OOAworld is now divided into geographic areas which correspond to long-form journeys through the world’s continents. For each project I spend more than 6 months (up to a year or more) in a particular world region.

It’s important to me that the stories here are the result of what I consider life experiences and not just a ‘trip’, they’re all connected and can be read both individually and as a body of work. In that sense this is not ‘just’ a travel blog in the restrictive sense of providing tips and such.

So why is there a travel section?

As my life and OOAworld have evolved, two things happened: first I reunited with my long lost love, Coco.

Secondly these projects have brought me to many places and I figured it was valuable to share some of the tips and research gathered along the way.

So OOAworld now includes a Travel section edited by Coco (previously on RollingCoconut.com), which features reviews and tips, including maps, itineraries and hotels, as well as ideas for activities, visits and food.

Are you alone?

When I first ‘left it all behind’ I was alone – but not anymore, and I have had help along the way. Take a look at the About Us page for more information.

Is this a commercial website? How do you make a living?

For these particular artistic projects, I did not want to mix the ‘art’ or creative pages and other business-related content. So you won’t find ads, promotional content or affiliate links alongside my stories and artwork on the site.

However photography and artworks on OOAworld are now available for sale (as prints and other fun products), including custom choices of your own and signed prints. Visit the OOAworld Shop now to gift one to you or your loved ones!

OOAworld also has a Travel section created by Rolling Coconut, on which you can find a variety of travel blog content including pages for every country in the world and posts about things to do, itineraries, must-sees, etc. So we may include limited advertising and affiliate links in the Travel Section, which is more service-oriented.

During the periods when I settle down I sell the photos, stories, videos and artwork I’ve produced to brands and other media, and perform other jobs as a media or tech consultant, as well as virtual reality and 360 video production services. You can learn more here.

Can I publish your work ?

Sure. If you’re a media brand or seek content for commercial purposes, please email me or contact me through the Contact Page.

If you’re an individual who just wants to share with friends, please do! Credit is always appreciated!

Can I advertise on OOAWORLD ?

Only on the Travel Section. If you’re interested, email us through the Contact Page.

Can I purchase photos ?

Photography and artworks on ooaworld are available for sale (as prints and other products), including custom choices of your own and signed prints. Visit the OOAworld Shop now to gift one to you or your loved ones! You are also welcome to share the photos and credit is appreciated!

More questions?

Great! Happy to answer your questions. Get in touch on the contact page. Also check out the About OOAWORLD and About us pages.