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Two Days in Montevideo, Uruguay

In this post we provide information on how to get from Colonia del Sacramento to Montevideo, how to spend two days in Montevideo and where to stay in the capital of Uruguay. 

Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay, a small country wedged between Argentina and Brazil.

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Public park in Montevideo, Uruguay

Montevideo has been rated as having the highest quality of life in South America. It is easy to see the appeal of the city. It made us want to come back and spend more time here. We only had two days in Montevideo but we could have easily spent more time here.

The capital is extremely charming and peaceful – a great place to visit, enjoy and relax!

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How to get to Montevideo

If you’re coming from Buenos Aires or Colonia Del Sacramento, read our article about our day in Colonia Del Sacramento, which includes bus schedule and fares from Buenos Aires & Colonia to Montevideo.

Floral Doorway Charming Montevideo Uruguay Photo OOAworld Rolling Coconut
Floral Doorways in Montevideo

Read up on our tips for Buenos Aires.

Where To Stay in Montevideo

NOTE: Accommodation prices are much higher during Carnival season (end of January- mid February), prices displayed below are during non-peak times.

Many places to choose from in Montevideo, we stayed in this lovely place, which was well located it in the center of the capital, near Ciudad Vieja, 

Hotel Uruguay, a double room with private bath, WiFi and breakfast included start around USD $38.

We’d also suggest the following options: 

Hotel Casablanca Montevideo, a modern and clean hostel located in the heart of the Montevideo, very close to the Ciudad Vieja. A double room with private bathroom, WiFi and a balcony starts at USD $26. 

Crystal Tower, prices for a double room start at USD $55 with WiFi, private bathroom. The hotel is very clean, catering primarily to business travelers. The hotel is well located, near Plaza de Independencia. 

What To Do in Montevideo – Activities in Montevideo

Montevideo is a small city, making it is easy to visit the town by foot. Below are a few activity suggestions if you have two days in Montevideo. Take your time to enjoy the city.

Street Art Montevideo Uruguay Photo OOAworld Rolling Coconut
Street Art and flea markets in the Old Town of Montevideo

Go to Plaza Independencia, one of the city’s main plaza and also the entrance to Ciudad Vieja. There are many landmarks at Plaza Independencia, including the Solis Theatre and the Estevez Palace, the President’s office building. 

Plaza Independencia Montevideo Uruguay Photo OOAworld Rolling Coconut
Palacio Salvo on Plaza de Independencia
Teatro Solis Montevideo Uruguay Photo OOAworld Rolling Coconut
Teatro Solis in Montevideo, Uruguay

In the middle of the square, there is the statue of Jose Artigas, a Uruguayan soldier and hero, often called “the father of Uruguayan nationhood”, and right beneath the statue is the Artigas Mausoleum, displaying his remains. It is free to visit the mausoleum. 

Jose Artigas Statue Montevideo Uruguay Photo OOAworld Rolling Coconut
Jose Artigas Statue in Plaza Independencia
Artigas Mausoleum Montevideo Uruguay Photo OOAworld Rolling Coconut
Jose Artigas Mausoleum

Visit the Old Town (Ciudad Vieja), a beautiful neighborhood with outdoor vendors and the main touristy area of the capital. Find out more about visiting Ciudad Vieja from Slightly Astray.

Entrance to Ciudad Vieja Montevideo Uruguay Photo OOAworld Rolling Coconut
Citadel to Ciudad Vieja

Visit the Mercado Del Puerto, a lively market with lots of food stalls in the Ciudad Vieja that used to be a train station. A must visit while in Montevideo.

Find out more activities in Montevideo from World Trip Diaries.

From Montevideo to Porto Alegre, Brazil

Our next stop is Porto Alegre in the South of Brazil. We will be traveling by bus from Montevideo to Porto Alegre.

Fruit Stand Montevideo Uruguay Photo OOAworld Rolling Coconut
Fruits and vegetables in Montevideo

A bus ride from Montevideo to Porto Alegre takes about 12hrs and thankfully night rides are available, therefore we were saving a night at a hotel and didn’t waste a day in transportation.

There are multiple buses available, cost is roughly USD $55-60 per person depending on the time of the bus ride and season. 

Bus Schedule Montevideo Porto Alegre Brazil Photo OOAworld Rolling Coconut
Bus Schedule from Montevideo

Another option is to travel from Montevideo to Chuy/Chui (at the Brazil-Uruguay border) and get on another bus from Chui to Porto Alegre. This option is a bit cheaper than the direct bus ride.

What else did you do in Montevideo, Uruguay? Share your experiences with us! We love to hear from you!

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