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Ubud Bali Travel Tips

This article provides Ubud Travel Tips: what to do in Ubud, where to stay in Ubud hotels and accommodations, and how to get around Ubud.


Ubud is our last destination in Bali, our intention was to relax after the two day roadtrip around the island and unwind, soak in the beauty of the Balinese culture.

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How to get to Ubud – Transportation

From Kuta to Ubud

There are multiple transportation options to get to Ubud from Kuta, here are some of the possibilities:

A bemo would cost about 8,000Rp – 10,000Rp (<USD $1) – we did not use the service, ask your guesthouse how to catch a bemo to Ubud (earlier in the day than later).

A Taxi should cost between USD $15-$20.

We opted for a tourist bus service, Perama (not of the highest comfort – no A/C – but convenient) which cost 50,000Rp per person (<USD $5)

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Getting Around Ubud


We discovered Ubud by foot – the center of Ubud is fairly small and can be visited by foot pretty easily.


You can also rent a bicycle – we did not do this activity – for a bicycle guided tour and we saw many bicycle shops around town for rent.


Our guesthouse was a little further out of the center of Ubud, it offered shuttles to certain activities, which we used if needed.


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Where to stay in Ubud – Hotel & Accommodation


We stayed at Uma Kutuh Bungalow, a little far walk from the center (a taxi from the Perama bus stop to our hotel cost 35,000Rp – <USD $3.50) of Ubud but we really enjoyed our stay there, plus the owner is extremely friendly and helpful. He suggested activities and pointed us to a Balinese ceremony not too far from where we were.


Amenities: spacious and quiet room with view on rice fields, fan, spacious bathroom, delicious breakfast (pancakes, fruits and coffee) included, WiFi, mosquito nets – the room cost 250,000 Rp per night (USD <$25). The only downside (and, in a way, upside) is its location, a bit far from the center of Ubud by foot but there is a free shuttle from the hotel and if you rent a scooter, the distance is minimal.

Check out other suggestions for Ubud, here.

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What to do  – Activities in Ubud


Though we were in Ubud to relax, we had to visit the Monkey Forest Sanctuary, and had the opportunity to enjoy a dance performance but mostly took our time to visit Ubud by foot. Ubud is a perfect place for relaxation, spas, read books, people watch in the many cafes (where WIFI is usually available).


Check out a list of activities here and below the ones we actually went to:

Kecak Fire & Trance Dance show – 75,000Rp per person (<USD $7.50) – the show is about an hour and a half. A very interesting show and we thought the experience was worth it (watch our video in this post).

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Monkey Forest Sanctuary  – Entrance fee of 20,000Rp per person (< USD $2), you’ll see monkeys as soon as you walk in, tuck away any plastic bags and snacks, they’ll steal it. As we were strolling through the forest, we saw a monkey eating Lay’s chips in his tree (watch here). A very enjoyable activity.

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From Ubud to Probolinggo, Java by Bus


After 3 nights of rest in Ubud, it was time to leave Bali and visit Java. We asked the hotel owner about buses to Probolinggo as we intended to visit Mount Bromo. He took us to Ubud bus station where we greeted by a swarm of bus ticket sellers ( it was frightening – the bus ticket sellers were extremely aggressive – read all about it here). We eventually decided on one company and paid 110,000Rp per person for an overnight drive into Java.

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Us, at a full moon ceremony not too far from our guesthouse – the owner suggested it to us – a wonderful experience

Happy Travels!!xx

What did YOU do in Ubud? Share any tips or recommendations you may have! We love to hear about your travel adventures!

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