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Hi everyone,

It’s been exactly 5 months on the road, traveling through Asia, and we’re about to cross our 12th border. I’m way behind in the posts, in part because of the ‘tight’ schedule of our travels and the sheer amount of content we’re collecting – I’ve also been kept busy by a collection of short stories based on the travels. But rest assured that the full story will eventually be delivered!

Will be striving to give more timely updates, and one way to do this (besides Facebook and Twitter), is through Instagram, to which I recently signed up (Follow me!).

I’m used to focusing on the SLR camera for photos and videos but will seek to take more phone pictures. No doubt phone photos, mobile editing and mobile publishing are powerful tools – and the way of the future, and present –  and I hope these will also help to provide a different / complementary feel to the work usually produced.

This first post features photos from the Great Wall and Yangshuo in China, Tanah Lot in Bali, Indonesia, as well as Prambanan and Mt Bromo, and others.  You can view all Phone Photos on this page.


Secondly, after some deliberation about how to go with this, I’ve decided to publish the interviews of people as we go, despite the fact that they’re not currently translated. In fact, I hope to reach out to you, the community, to help translate them so I can add subtitles as we go (see previous post).

In other news, will also soon begin to publish Travel Reviews, Tips and Ideas, based on our backpacking experiences in Asia. These will not only provide complementary coverage, photos and reviews about monuments, sites and such – which I don’t typically post – but will also be useful as stand-alone content for travelers and backpackers seeking to visit Asia on a budget. These reviews will mostly be compiled by Coco.

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So as these developments are unveiled, I look forward to share more with you very soon, thanks!


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  1. The photo of Bird Island Philippines caught my interest. During WW11, my father spent time on Emiru Island. Thanks for the virtual travels.

    • ooarevo says:

      You’re welcome and thanks, always happy to share. (It’s not actually called ‘Bird’ island, there are so many I’m not quite sure which one it was.)

  2. Beautiful! Am returning to the Philippines in a week, so you’ve whet my appetite! Thanks!

    • ooarevo says:

      Thanks. Beautiful country and we had a great time there – look forward to share the stories from there, soon as we’re done with China. Enjoy your stay!

  3. Incredible pictures. I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love living adventures through people’s pictures. You take pictures of some breath-taking views!

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