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Food Post: Eating in China

Everybody knows about Chinese food, traveling for a month through China allowed us to taste all the many flavors throughout the country. And, we looooved it!

In China, many dishes are served on the table varying from soups, rice, noodles, meats and vegetables – all meant to be shared together. Salt and pepper, usually seen on dinner tables, are replaced by soy sauce and chilli/mustard while forks and knives are, as you can imagine, sustituted with chosticks.

Below is a little sample of all the dishes we got to try:



Chinese food, anyone?


What is your fave chinese dish? Any dish we haven’t tried that you would recommend? Share with us!


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  1. Leah says:

    Aww man all that food looks amazing! I remember the tastes of China, and its just hard to compare in the States. You get the real rustic taste of Chinese cuisine all over China. I still can’t get the bread with the different sauces I bought at a food cart outside the school I was teaching in Lijiang (located in the Yunnan province). Oh and I can’t forget the banana crepes with the condensed milk we use to buy in the City Center. Might need to make another trip back to that town one of these days… Gorgeous place and great eateries!

  2. coconutwp says:

    Another trip to this gigantic country is definitely needed! Thanks for reading Leah!

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