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China, Beijing: subway ads in tunnels – Video

Thought this was an interesting, somewhat aggressive concept: advertising in tunnels, Beijing subway:

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  1. Kieran Maynard says:

    Very cool! I’ve heard about these ads but never seen them myself. The last one (the one in the thumbnail) is an ad for the Lantern Festival.

  1. April 11, 2015

    […] The Subway system in Beijing is efficient and easy to use, plus it is written in English which makes it super convenient. Cost is based on distance (expect 3-10 CNY – USD $0.50-1.50) and you can purchase your tickets at the individual machines with English instructions. Depending on the amount of traveling you intend to do, you can also purchase a prepaid card with 20 CNY (USD $3.25) deposit (which you can get back at specific stations). View our subway video here. […]

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