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Malaysia Itinerary, Two or Three Weeks

This article provides information to visit Malaysia, an itinerary (and activities) for two or three weeks.

We started our Malaysian adventure in Melaka where we were introduced to the Malay culture and food. After the UNESCO World Heritage town, we moved up to the vibrant capital and visited the captivating Petronas Towers.

After Kuala Lumpur, we hoped over to Borneo for ten days of adventures.

Back in KL, we headed to Cameron Highlands to discover the beautiful tea plantations and enjoy the decrease in temperature (it can get pretty hot and humid in Borneo). And finally, we headed to Georgetown before making our way to Thailand.

If you skip Borneo, you can do the following itinerary in two weeks without rushing and spending more time than we did in Cameron Highlands. If you have three weeks, then you have ample time to visit Borneo – and climb Mount Kinabalu!

Our itinerary was as follows:


Melaka  5 days – to visit the Old historic part of Melaka, a UNESCO World Heritage, relax and rejuvenate in this cute little town

Kuala Lumpur  3 days – capital of Malaysia, visit Petronas tower and explore the multi-cultural city


Kota Kinabalu  4 days – including climbing Mount Kinabalu – climb the highest peak in southeast Asia at over 13,000ft (yes, we did it !).

Sandakan, Sepilok & Labuk Bay 3 days – recuperate from our climb, spend a day + night with the Orangutans & Proboscis of Borneo.

Danum Valley 2 days – two nights in the tropical forest, observing birds and gibbons.

Tawau 1 day – no electricity at the Tawau airport to end our wonderful tour of Borneo and head back to Kuala Lumpur.

Back to Kuala Lumpur

Cameron Highlands 1 day – tea, tea and more tea at the BOH plantations and enjoy the cool temperatures of Cameron Highlands

Georgetown  3 days – another UNESCO World Heritage town on the island of Penang, where we enjoyed hunting street arts and dim sum.


Where else did you go to while visiting Malaysia? Share YOUR itinerary with us!


Happy Travels!!xx

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