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Photos of Mount Bromo in Java, Indonesia. A natural wonder like few others (though I dislike the practice of ranking these experiences, probably one of my top three natural sites visited in all of Asia), Mount Bromo has the added benefit of unraveling its magic in two parts: first watching the start-studded night with the sun rise from a viewpoint above the swirling clouds, then riding into the volcanic deserts at dawn and walking through an eerie, yet whimsical, scenic landscape straight out of a Hollywood movie…

If you travel to Mount Bromo, Indonesia, make sure you watch for the weather, which can be erratic – if possible, it’s even better to have a day or two of margin (which can be well spent walking around the dream-like desert or hiking up the mountains), because it would be a shame to travel this far and miss such a sight because of inclement weather!

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Next up: the videos, the story and more photos from Mount Bromo and the nearby town of Probollingo, in Indonesia!

Also watch the timelapse video and read the travel tips from Mount Bromo.

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