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Mount Bromo, Indonesia – Travel Tips

This article provides information on how to visit Mount Bromo, Indonesia: what to do in Mount Bromo, Mount Bromo Hotels, and getting to and from Mount Bromo.

Mount Bromo is an active volcano in East Java, Indonesia. It is located inside the Bromo-Tengger-Semery National Park. One of the most picturesque sights we have visited, especially when walking through the sea of sand at the foot of the volcano at dawn. It truly is a must-do when in Indonesia. This post provides information and tips to help you with your visit to Mount Bromo.


From Ubud to Probolinggo – Transportation


After a somewhat traumatic departure from Ubud  we arrived in Probolinggo around 3-4am. We were dropped off on the side of a main road, luckily close to a few road shops with benches for us to sit on. The sky was completely dark. We waited for the sun to rise before making inquiries about getting to Mount Bromo.

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We were approached by tour operators and due to extreme fatigue, we decided to give it a try provided the tour wasn’t too overpriced. After negotiations, we agreed on 700,000Rp for the two of us (USD $35 per person) which included:


  • ride from Probolinggo to Yoschi’s Hotel
  • morning Jeep pick-up with other tourists to Mount Penanjakan for a sunrise view of Mount Bromo, with breakfast package from Yoschi’s
  • after sunrise, Jeep ride to hike up Mount Bromo
  • Jeep ride back to hotel
  • Ride from Yoschi’s back to Probolinggo
  • Transportation from Probolinggo to Yogyakarta
Photo Mount Bromo View from Volcano Ooaworld

Useful tips: Grab some warm clothes as it can get pretty chilly up there before the sun comes up, and if you can, a headlight/flashlight.


From Probolinggo to Mount Bromo/Cemoro Lawang – Transportation


From the Probolinggo Bus Terminal, there are green minivans heading to Cemoro Lawang – closest village to Mount Bromo – costing about 25,000RP (USD$2.50) but the mini vans only depart when it is full (ride takes about an hour).

Some people recommend an ojek (back of motorcycle), for about 100,000RP and up, so you don’t have to wait for the minivan to fill up.

( Click here for a good post to visit Mount Bromo on your own – we certainly would have preferred.)


Where to Stay when visiting Mount Bormo – Mount Bromo Hotels, Hostels & Accommodations


We stayed at the aforementioned Yoschi’s, it was a nice hotel with a restaurant. There was shared bathroom, a nice garden but no WiFi – 150,000Rp (USD $15) for a clean double room with a desk.


Photo Yoschi Hotel Entrance Mount Bromo Java Indonesia Ooaworld
Entrance of Yoschi’s Hotel the day before ascending Mount Bromo recommends quite a selection of hostels in Cemoro Lawag.


How to Get from Mount Bromo/Probolinggo to Yogyakarta – Transportation


We rode about 10hrs from Probolinggo to Yogyakarta in a mini-van driven by what appeared to be a seventeen year-old  if we had not settled for the package the day before (or if we would have been better informed) we would have taken the train.


By Bus: the ride takes from 8-10hrs, bus terminal is at Jalan Sudirman, expect to pay between 30,000RP to 80,000RP for the ride, depending on the type of bus.


By train: Take train or bus from Probolinggo to Surabaya (2hr-ride). From Surabaya, take train to Yogyakarta (ride is about 4h45mins). From Surabaya to Yogyakarta, you can expect the fare to be between 75,000 (about USD $7.50) to 315,000 (about USD $31.50)  Check here  for fares and schedule (the site is in Indonesian only but easily understandable without knowledge of Indonesian to at least get the fares & schedule).

 Photo Sunrise Bromo National Park Java Indonesia Ooaworld

Mount Bromo is one of our most memorable visits of Indonesia. Beautiful experience, both hiking up to the volcano and the whole experience – from the moment we were dropped off from Bali.


How did you visit Mount Bromo? On your own? With a tour? Share your travel experience with us! We love to hear from you!

View more travel photos from the landscapes, nature and sunrise in Mount Bromo, Indonesia and read the full story of our Mount Bromo experience. Or watch the timelapse video from Bromo.

Happy Travels!!

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