Rock launchpad, South Dakota Badlands

Dakota-Iowa, the Heartland – USA Road Trip Video – ooAmerica

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  1. Hi there! I saw you are following me on my blog now. I am just browsing through yours and find it very interesting. I am from Iowa and I think you should give it another go! There might be a basic structure to all the small towns but there are some really interesting conversations out there. I grew up all over small-town Iowa, seven to be exact. So yes, I am bias.

    • Oh yea, I might have missed it, but what is your philosophy in life?

      • ooa revo says:

        Oh no, not that one!
        Will try to give you a short, three-fold answer:
        – really don’t know how to articulate the answer to that question in words or in short, if I did perhaps wouldn’t have been compelled to go around asking people that question
        – have been working since before the road-trip part 2 on an essay on this topic after getting the question from several people. hoping to get more time to think about it and post it towards the end of trip
        – although this is only a beginning of an answer, I suppose you can view a certain philosophy of life in the choice of this project and its way of being carried out: namely seeking out new experiences, people and their point of views to go beyond one’s own (pre)conceptions.

    • ooa revo says:

      Hi and thanks for contributing. Point very well taken! I admit my stay in Iowa was tainted by tropically muggy weather and a rush to get back to the East for a friend’s wedding. did a short video on the theme of small towns but it could’ve been any other place. As for the stories and feel of small towns, also agree they are essential to grasping the full picture! (and was one of the things I was looking towards during the trip). Anyway, looking forward to have a better experience next time around!

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