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French Expat, Vientiane Laos, Tales of Strangers – Video Interview

Tales of Strangers: asking people met along the road in Asia to “Tell me a Story” and share a story of their choice. Meeting a French Expat and asking him to share his story.

“I came to Laos by chance – well, not exactly by chance but a little bit. About five years ago I met somebody online not through a dating site, but still, on the Internet. I also had a friend who’d been living here for a while. So I decided to do it, and came here and met the woman I was supposed to meet. And I never went back.”

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This destination and travel story is part of OOAsia, a Year-long Journey and Travels through Asia. This the second installment in the OOA Journeys:

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  1. May 8, 2015

    […] expat who works in a cafe on the Mekong River and who tells me how he moved away from home. (See the previous post for another similar story with an expat in […]

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