Here’s a first list of some of the items that I brought along my trip, Part 1 (inventory Part 2 will be available soon), starting with functional and work equipment:

– Canon SLR

– Canon 28mm fixed lens

– Canon 15mm Fisheye

– Laptop

– Car

– external hard drive

– baby tripod

– Canvases, acrylic paint and pencil/pastels

– May 6: found children’s art kit in the trash in Louisville, full of colored pencils, worn markers, etc.

– Notebooks and sketchbooks

As you can see, I’ve drowned most of my expenses into photographic and technological equipment. To these I would like to eventually add:

– an iPhone or equally functional smartphone ($400)

– Car to AC converter ($60) May 9: Got it, $20

– a 4g USB broadband service – $50 / month

– another 1TB external hard drive – May 16: $100

– a handy knife / Swiss knife – $100

– 1 flashlight – $30 / May 9: Got two reading clip LEDs, $3

– 1 sleeping bag

– Portable electric grill May 9: Got it, $13 (don’t yet know if it will work with car inverter)

– May 16: gas burner and propane – $25

– 1 tent?

– Car maintenance (tires, repairs, this is adding up way too quickly!)

Other items I have this far include what I brought along when I came to the US, such as clothing:

– 1 backpack

– 1 hooded sweatshirt

– 4 T-shirts

– 1 long sleeve shirt

– 1 pair of blue jeans

– 1 pair of black trousers

– 1 pair of sweatpants

– 3 boxers

– 4 socks

– 1 scarf

– 1 pair of gloves

– 1 coat

– 1 pair of black sneakers

– 1 suit and 3 dress shirts

– as well as toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant, disposable razors and shaving cream

To these I add some random items I have come upon since I am here and that I will keep in the car:

– 1 unfoldable yoga mat

– 2 pillows

– 3 towels

– 1 hand towel

– roll of paper

– box of scented candles

– 50-liter Ice cooler, where I store canned / wrapped food, one pot, a few plastic containers

– rolls of duck tape and adhesive bandage – reduced this to one roll of duck tape and two of bandage

– plastic gloves

– Hand soap

– trash bags

– Roach and insect spray

– indoor slippers

– one pair of non-UV plastic sunglasses

– new used socks!

– April 28: New used white Adidas sneakers, size 12, much more comfortable than my previous sneakers!

– 2 small drawers (took too much room, although enjoyed using it as a tripod for my first video)

– Febreze (bottle was empty)

– Dish Soap (emptied itself onto other items, got rid of it as well as some candles)

– Dishwasher detergent (of no immediate use, got rid of it)

To these random but useful items I add other random and scavenged items that I use as tokens of appreciation:

– Plastic model airplane, unassembled – my last ‘token’, who will be its beneficiary?

– one shower curtain with metal hooks (gave it away to a friend in Montreal who needed one!)

– Pots (given away to a friend in NY)

– a hand-made funky lamp (given to same friend in NY, don’t know if he kept it)

– 1 box of cigars (gave to a friend in Montreal)

– 2 Nerf guns (gave to a girl I met in Cincinnati for her little brothers)

– soccer cleats (given away to a friend in NY)

I also have brought two books to the US, and will be getting others along the way:

– Ulysses (James Joyces)

Le cote de Guermantes (Marcel Proust)

and borrowed Burr (Gore Vidal)

– one book about number theory and one book about light I got at Border’s clearance sale

– I found two books at a coffehouse in Louisville, a novel by Salman Rushdie and one by Dean Radin

– I need another book in French, as well as another novel in English!

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