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Instagram Photos: Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India

Hi there,

How’s it been? Best wishes for 2015! Below are some Instagram photos from the last leg of the Asia travels, through Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India. These will be the last phone photos from the trip, as I’ve sadly lost the others (thank you iOS 8)…

But there are plenty other photos, videos and stories to come!

It’s been a while since the last posts and I apologize for the delay, but am pleased to announce the launch of a newly redesigned site, with a brand-new host to ensure continuous, optimal performance. Apart from the more obvious design updates, here are some of the main changes which will be implemented in the new

1) Higher-res pictures for everybody to enjoy, the more important nowadays as screen resolutions are reaching new thresholds. (not including the photos here, as I’ve had to download the low-res versions from Instagram)

2) More frequent updates, which you can access on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram – may I suggest signing up to the weekly newsletter or you can also opt to sign up to every update using the form in the footer.

3) The official inclusion of Rolling Coconut’s travel section into, which will nicely complement the traditional editorial offering with travel tips and practical information.

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These changes will happen incrementally as we get back into the rhythm of publications, feel free to share your feedback. Sorry for any inconvenience in the process, I hope you enjoy the new site and look forward to sharing an amazing year with you !

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