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Traveling to Lesotho can be an incredible experience as you explore this small kingdom in the southern tip of Africa. From its breathtaking mountain views to its unique culture and history, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. To make sure you get the most out of your journey, here are some travel tips for Lesotho:

  1. Make sure to bring plenty of cash. Lesotho is largely a cash-only economy and ATMs are not widely available.
  2. Bring warm clothing. The weather in Lesotho can be unpredictable, so make sure to pack accordingly.
  3. Hire a guide. Having a local guide can help you get the most out of your experience as they will be able to provide you with valuable cultural and historical information.
  4. Stay safe. As with any country, it’s important to stay aware of your surroundings and take necessary precautions to keep yourself and your belongings safe.
  5. Get ready to explore! Lesotho is home to many beautiful sites and monuments that you won’t want to miss. Here’s a list of some of the must-see spots:

• Semonkong: A beautiful waterfall, which is the highest in Southern Africa. (https://www.lesotho-tourism.org/attractions/semonkong-waterfall/)

• Sani Pass: A winding mountain road that leads to the top of the Drakensberg Mountains. (https://www.lesotho-tourism.org/attractions/sani-pass/)

• Ts’ehlanyane National Park: A mountain wilderness park with beautiful forests and rivers. (https://www.lesotho-tourism.org/attractions/tsehlanyane-national-park/)

• Thaba Bosiu: An ancient village which was the stronghold of King Moshoeshoe I. (https://www.lesotho-tourism.org/attractions/thaba-bosiu/)

• Maletsunyane Falls: A beautiful waterfall located in the Semonkong Valley. (https://www.lesotho-tourism.org/attractions/maletsunyane-falls/)

• Katse Dam: An impressive dam and lake located on the upper Caledon River. (https://www.lesotho-tourism.org/attractions/katse-dam/)

• Sehlabathebe National Park: A unique wilderness park, home to rare plant and animal species. (https://www.lesotho-tourism.org/attractions/sehlabathebe-national-park/)

• Thaba Putsoa: An ancient mountain fortress located in the Maluti Mountains. (https://www.lesotho-tourism.org/attractions/thaba-putsoa/)

• Bokong Nature Reserve: A protected nature reserve home to a variety of vegetation and wildlife. (https://www.lesotho-tourism.org/attractions/bokong-nature-reserve/)

• Sehlabathebe Wilderness Area: A protected area of pristine wilderness. (https://www.lesotho-tourism.org/attractions/sehlabathebe-wilderness-area/)

• Thabana Ntlenyana: The highest peak in Lesotho and the entire Drakensberg range. (https://www.lesotho-tourism.org/attractions/thabana-ntlenyana/)

• The Basotho Cultural Village: A unique cultural village that showcases the traditional lifestyles of the Basotho people. (https://www.lesotho-tourism.org/attractions/basotho-cultural-village/)

• Liphofung Cave: An ancient cave which was used as a shelter by the Basotho people. (https://www.lesotho-tourism.org/attractions/liphofung-cave/)

• Leribe Craft Village: A traditional craft village where you can purchase handmade items. (https://www.lesotho-tourism.org/attractions/leribe-craft-village/)

• The Dinosaur Footprints: A collection of dinosaur footprints located at Maserumule Hill. (https://www.lesotho-tourism.org/attractions/dinosaur-footprints/)

• Mohale Dam: An impressive dam and lake located on the Senqunyane River. (https://www.lesotho-tourism.org/attractions/mohale-dam/)

• Katse Botanical Gardens: A unique botanical garden with a variety of endemic and exotic plants. (https://www.lesotho-tourism.org/attractions/katse-botanical-gardens/)

• Afriski Mountain Resort: A ski resort located in the Maluti Mountains. (https://www.lesotho-tourism.org/attractions/afriski-mountain-resort/)

• Bushman Paintings: A collection of ancient rock paintings in the Liphofung Cave. (https://www.lesotho-tourism.org/attractions/bushman-paintings/)

• Morija Museum and Archives: A museum dedicated to the history and culture of Lesotho. (https://www.lesotho-tourism.org/attractions/morija-museum-and-archives/)

We hope this list of travel tips and sites to visit in Lesotho will help you make the most of your trip. Enjoy your adventure!