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ooamerica USA Road Trip Movie: Thanks, Portraits and Photos

Hi, I hope everybody’s doing well, enjoying summer / winter. If it’s your first time on ooamerica, welcome to the road! If not, welcome back!


It’s been a fun and wild adventure, and though the full project is not over yet, I’d like to extend


Some Thanks:

–       to the people who contributed by following the adventure and sharing it.

–       to those who supported the project (even and especially during the harder times of the trip), through their comments, emails or ‘likes’, here, on Facebook and on Twitter (see a very non-exhaustive list on the new thank you / testimonials page) – feel free to comment / like and consider yourself included!

–       to all the people who contributed to the interviews and footage, and to all the good people met along the road.

–       to those who helped out during the travels including Kirea, Susan & Michael, Marion & Michael, Berri, George & Olga, Rick, Kay & Joe, Joey & Joanna, Dominique, Patch & Andy, Will and Chris for inviting me / us over and Dave for helping out when I ran out of gas.

–       to the amazing folks who nominated ooamerica for an award (see thanks and testimonials) including thomaswexler, artyelf, jericoj, Hwan Lee, thelupinelibrarian, msfredrickson, Finally Wendy Wanders, tripwheels, canoe&communications, frenchfry36, Mondrak, The Line Dropper, Bryant Simmons, southernwild, futureflyingsaucers, haphillips, happyhippierose, Honie Briggs, agirlcalledemily, kodakkerouac, themofman, Sarah Martin, whimsyink, theyearofwonderfulweekends, Martin Lack, rebekahburgess Marie Kazalia, Jill Archer, artborghi.wordpress.com and the others!

–       to the good friends who willingly contributed music to the video clips including B, Jay Nada, Rafael Murillo, Ian Makau and Aurelien A.

–       to the friends who pledged financial support to the project including Olivier, Mary, Esther, Cathy, Berri, Steve and Roger.

–       to the amazing number (4) of police officers who let me off tickets!

–       special thanks to Redrik, without whom the completion of the project would not have been possible!


Some numbers about the project (the fun facts page will soon be updated):

The ooamerica project April 2011-July 2012:

  •  160 posts
  •  45 video clips
  •  400+ pictures
  •  200+ pages of diaries and writing
  •  60+ drawings, sketches and ooaddles

Since 2012 (about 50 posts), and counting:

  •  2,000+ comments
  •  3,000+ likes
  •  25+ nominations for the Versatile, Creative, and other blog awards
  •  6,000+ new subscribers from 120+ countries


Coming up next

In the next weeks I’ll post a series of ‘portraits’ of the people interviewed on the road, as well as the new, official trailer for the movie.

During this time, I also look forward to keep you posted about developments concerning the two main ooamerica final products:

–       The movie is scheduled to be edited by the end of August. In September I’ll be meeting with people and looking into potential distribution, submissions to festivals, etc. Ideas and contacts welcome!

–       The large ooamerica pictures are also in the making and will hopefully be ready in sync with the movie release. Can’t say more at this point but I’m pretty excited about the outcome.

–       And how about taking the “What’s your Life Philosophy?” concept further?

–       Last but not least, the adventures are not over! I love doing this and have been looking into another perhaps more ‘exotic’ journey, which could begin in the fall as this project gets wrapped up. More on this soon.

So stay tuned, and I look forward to meet again for some new adventures… It’s been great to meet all of you, wish everyone the best with your current and future endeavors! Thanks!

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  1. That was another excellent post today. You make it look so easy. Thanks so much for sharing. I really enjoyed reading it very much. Have a wonderful day!

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  2. Looking forward to the “portraits.” I’m sure they will reveal much about the people of this great country.

  3. Congratulations on a great trip, and thanks for taking us along. The movie will be a blast!

  4. Antonios says:

    I met you guys in Atlanta in front of the Coca Cola factory! (Im the french guy =b)
    Concerning your ‘exotic’ journey, if you ever get to Asia and in Thailand, be sure to come by and say hello!
    Cheers 😉

  5. I stopped by to camp out for a little while but it looks like the campground has been closed since July 29. Hope all is well.

  6. Ida says:

    Hi! I see you’re following my blog (http://neroart.wordpress.com), and I just want you to know I’ve changed blogname to http://idasfina.wordpress.com
    Looking forward to see you continue reading.
    Best regards Ida

  7. Alastair says:

    Hope everything is okay …

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