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3 Days in Pattaya Things to Do Where to Stay and Must Sees

Travel Tips in Pattaya Thailand

Pattaya is a popular beach destination in Thailand, known for its vibrant nightlife, beautiful beaches, and exciting water activities. Here are some travel tips to make the most of your trip to Pattaya:

  1. Stay in the central area of Pattaya to easily access the beach, shopping, and nightlife areas.
  2. Be cautious of scams and overcharging, especially when taking taxis or purchasing tickets for activities.
  3. Try local street food at the night markets for an authentic culinary experience.
  4. Respect the local customs and culture, including dressing modestly when visiting temples.
  5. Rent a scooter to explore the city and nearby attractions at your own pace.

Things to do in Pattaya / Top Sites and Monuments to Visit in Pattaya Thailand

  1. Sanctuary of Truth – A stunning wooden temple with intricate carvings depicting Thai mythology. (
  2. Walking Street – Pattaya’s famous nightlife hub, filled with bars, restaurants, and clubs. (
  3. Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden – A vast garden with beautiful landscapes, orchid gardens, and cultural shows. (
  4. Pattaya Floating Market
  5. A traditional Thai market with shops, food stalls, and cultural performances. (
  6. Tiger Park Pattaya – Get up close with tigers and other exotic animals in this interactive park. (
  7. Pattaya Viewpoint – Enjoy panoramic views of the city and beach from this popular viewpoint. (
  8. Pattaya Elephant Village – Learn about and interact with elephants in a sanctuary setting. (
  9. Coral Island – Take a boat trip to this nearby island for snorkeling, diving, and relaxing on the beach. (
  10. Art in Paradise – An interactive art museum where visitors can become part of the artwork. (
  11. Pattaya Water Park – Cool off and have fun at one of Pattaya’s water parks, such as Ramayana Water Park. (

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Day by Day Itinerary for 3 Days in Pattaya Thailand

Day 1:

  1. Morning: Visit the Sanctuary of Truth and
  2. admire the intricate wood carvings.
  3. Afternoon: Explore Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden and watch a cultural show.
  4. Evening: Experience the vibrant nightlife on Walking Street.

Day 2:

  1. Morning: Visit the Pattaya Floating Market and try some local street food.
  2. Afternoon: Interact with tigers at Tiger Park Pattaya.
  3. Evening: Enjoy the panoramic views at Pattaya Viewpoint.

Day 3:

  1. Morning: Spend time at the Pattaya Elephant Village and learn about elephant conservation.
  2. Afternoon: Take a boat trip to Coral Island for water activities.
  3. Evening: Have fun at Art in Paradise and visit a water park like Ramayana Water Park.

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Best Hotels Pattaya / Where to Stay in Pattaya Thailand

Top Rated Hotels Pattaya priced over $200 per night:

  1. La Miniera Pool Villas Pattaya – SHA Plus
  2. Wave Hotel Pattaya
  3. The Gems Mining Pool Villas Pattaya

Best Reviewed Pattaya Hotels priced between $100 to $200 per night:

  1. Grande Centre Point Space Pattaya
  2. Ocean Marina Resort Pattaya Jomtien
  3. Family Suite Sea view 2Bedroom at Veranda Residence Pattaya

Recommended Hotels in Pattaya priced between $50 to $100 per night:

  1. Westbury Residence
  3. Citismart Luxury Apartments

Top Hotels Pattaya priced between $20 to $50 per night:

  1. GW guesthouse
  2. Grande Cariibbean Pattaya by Thita
  3. Lotus Art Guesthouse

Best Hostels Pattaya and Budget Hotels priced below $20 per night:

  1. Tevan Jomtien Pattaya
  2. Garden Paradise
  3. Sutus Court 5

Please note that ratings and prices may vary depending on the season and availability. Make sure to check the current rates and availability through the provided links.

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