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Travel Bandung in One Day

This article focuses on what to do and where to stay during when visiting Bandung, Indonesia for one day.

Bandung or my failed adventure to Kawah Puti. Kawah Puti was the sight I wanted to visit. Kawah Puti was the sight I failed to get to.


We had one day in Bandung before heading to Jakarta. One day from the moment we stepped off the train at dawn to find accommodation in Bandung, get to Kawah Puti on our own and back (going with a tour was overpriced) before leaving to Jakarta the next day.


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Angkot: public local transportation. Tell them where you’re going and they’ll tell you which one to hop on to

Yogyakarta to Bandung


Check out Yogyakarta article to find out how to get to Bandung.


Where to Stay in Bandung – Hotels & Accommodations


After using the free WiFi in the Marriott Hotel’s lobby (thank you so much Marriott and staff!) we were able to find a last-minute budget-friendly accommodation in a residential area.


De Hoff Atria and Residence is a residential home where the bottom floor is reserved to guests. It is very clean with community kitchen and shared bathroom and no WiFi. The only downside is the location, we were a bit removed from the city center by foot.


We would recommend to book accommodations early to be closer to city center. There is no check-in desk or information provided in the guesthouse. We just rang the door everytime we wanted to get in the house.


We barely stayed one night and I found myself feeling weak in the afternoon – the guesthouse was perfect for a good nap and restful night.


What to do in Bandung


Our day is Bandung was quite uneventful. After we decided to forfeit Kawah Puti (*tear*) , we tiredly walked around town. There was a mall relatively close to our guesthouse where we were able to catch some WiFi and air-con. We then headed to the train station by foot to book our train to Jakarta the next day.


Inside Mall Bandung Indonesia Rolling Coconut Ooaworld Photo Ooaworld

A mall in Bandung, Indonesia

But, there are things to do in Bandung and it is quite a developed city! Here are a list of things to do:


Kawah Puti – the only activity we felt was worth coming to Bandung for, but it was a major fail – entirely my fault. This detailed article from Travelfish provides all informatio needed  it’ll be a place that I have to go back to! If your budget allows it or if you have more time, I highly suggest to go to Kawah Puti – you’ll need an entire day to visit Kawah Puti, leave Bandung early in the day to avoid traffic on the way to the volcano.


Tangkuban Perahu is another high-ranked activity. You can hike the dormant volcano and see Kawah Ratu – the most famous crater out of the three that you can hike to. You can get there on your own (see the thread), go with a tour, or hire a driver for the day for roughly USD $50 for 12 hours and visit all the places you want to in Bandung.


The Seri Ater Hot Springs –  a great place to relax and unwind after a a day of visits. Expect to pay 50,000 RP (USD $5) for entrance to resort and an additional fee to swim/get in water. Expect also a lot of people and prepare conservative attire to bathe.


Monument Perjuangan People's Resistance Monument Bandung West Java Indonesia Rolling Coconut Photo Ooaworld

Monument Perjuangan, Bandung, Indonesia

Gedung Sate Bandung Indonesia Photo Ooaworld

Gedung Sate, Bandung, Indonesia


From Bandung to Jakarta

Train: beautiful scenery about 2 hrs – we paid 45,000RP per person.


Bus: about 3hrs for roughly 35,000RP (USD $3.50) from Leuwipanjang bus station if heading West


Happy Travels!!xx


How long did you stay in Bandung? What other activities do you recommend? Any travel tips you would like to share with us? We love to hear from you!

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