Jesus Barn Photos Midwest, stopped by Beaver for the night and woke up near it.

Travel Photos Midwest – Indiana, Ohio

Travel Photos Midwest including Indiana and Ohio, driving through Indianapolis, Dayton, Cincinnati, on the way to Kentucky.

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Macys Cincinnati Birthplace

Macy’s was born here

Jesus Barn Midwest Photos, stopped by Beaver for the night and woke up near it.

Photos Midwest Jesus Barn, stopped by Beaver for the night and woke up near it.

Indianapolis texture, deformed

Indianapolis texture, deformed

Indianapolis, dubbed the world's greatest race course

Photos Midwest – Indianapolis, dubbed the world’s greatest race course

Cinicinnati's City Hall

Cinicinnati’s City Hall

First A-bomb, seen at Dayton's USAAF museum

First A-bomb, seen at Dayton’s USAAF museum

USA, weapons prohibited

Photos Midwest USA, weapons prohibited

Abstract Photos Texture, Dayton ferns

Texture, Dayton ferns

This photo series is part of ooAmerica, a solo USA Road Trip across all of the United States, driving more than 25,000 miles across North America, through nearly all 50 US states.

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