Abstract Photos Road Textures USA LA Venice Beach Love

Abstract Photos Road Textures, Travel Pictures

Travel Photos Road Textures, Abstract Photography and pictures from USA Road Trip ooAmerica, Part 1

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Abstract Photos Road Textures USA Little Debbie Dream Woman

Abstract Photos Road Textures USA Little Debbie Dream Woman

Abstract Photos Road Textures USA LA Venice Beach Love

Abstract Photos Road Textures USA LA Venice Beach Love

USA sweepstakelava photo ooaworld USA road trip auroraghoulealis photo ooaworld

This photo series is part of ooAmerica, ooa’s solo USA Road Trip across all of the United States, driving more than 25,000 miles across North America, through nearly all 50 US states.

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  1. Your photographs are stunning! I particularly like this assortment of textures.

  2. Dude, amazing photos ..fantastic

  3. Wonderfully rich and engaging. Something about textures that always pull me in. Part of a story to be told, parts of a story untold. Look forward to your next installment. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your final picture in this series is especially beautiful with its vibrant colors! I also love the photo of the old industrial building.

  5. So much texture, variations of light and colour. You have a wonderful abilty and talent to capture it all. I particularly like the floorboard shot. It makes me wish I could reproduce something like this in my own home.

    Thank you for posting and visiting.

    Best regards.


  6. those are great collections, wow all are fantastic…

  7. Absolutely Amazing.
    Thank you for finding my Blog and following too.
    You rock!

  8. What a wonderful site! I love art–photography and drawing–so I loved looking at all the beauty you captured through film and through perspective. I look forward to reading more about this incredible journey and the journey that is to come. Ever consider doing a European road trip…such lovely and breathtaking things to see there as well. Blessings and thanks for following my site. I will be doing the same for yours!

    • ooa revo says:

      Hello! Thanks for your support and wishes, I look forward to staying in touch. I’ve spent quite some time in Europe and have done a few smaller road-trips there, but never in the same manner. Eventually though! 🙂 Thanks!

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