About Rolling Coconut

Welcome to Rolling Coconut, a travel site featuring travel reviews of the many places visited during my year-long travels through 18 countries in Asia, including China, South East Asia, India, Japan and Nepal.

I’m no travel expert, quite the neophyte actually, but have learned many tips to travel efficiently, manage time and live on a budget. And I’d like to share these!

You’ll find photos, maps, itineraries, names of hotels and where to stay, recommendations on food and places to eat, ideas for activities and visits, as well as helpful travel tips and local insight.

About moi? Well….

French born and raised, Laotian blood and Hawaii lover at heart, my name is Carole. I like trying all kinds of foods and love spreading the “Aloha Spirit”!

We left in February 2013 with my boyfriend-best friend John, starting in Japan and making our way westwards to India. I did not originally intend to launch a blog as there are already numerous travel sites providing excellent information and tips about traveling in Asia – which I will always share the links to in my posts – but there’s always more useful information to be shared with travelers or wannabe travelers (aka me, a year ago) so I hope you will find this useful and most importantly, interesting.

I left a steady office job in order to go on this adventure. Till then, I had always remained securely on “the path” – go to school, get a job, build a career, further your life, always be serious and move forward. But, like for many others, it wasn’t as fulfilling as I thought it would be. I would be sitting in my cubicle dreaming of adventures and traveling the world. Jean-Yves had already gone on a first adventure during an east to west coast road trip in the States asking people “What is your philosophy in life?”, so of course, we just HAD to continue this project and travel together through Asia.

We’re ready to share our journey, the countries and the beauty encountered.

As always, wish you could be with us.



PS: Readers and friends are welcome to contribute in any way by submitting ideas and updated travel information, thanks!

4 Responses

  1. Mary Sandifer says:

    Carol! Your travels have been so exciting and I’d delighted to hear they will continue. Beautiful site. The Travel Tips is an excellent idea. People need recent and reliable information and your very unique insights are a super bonus. Congratulations on setting your feet on the path to adventures. Warmest hugs, Mary

    • coconutwp says:

      Thank you so much for reading and visiting the site Mary! I love your blog and the beautiful pictures you post about La Tourbeille. Hope all is well.

  2. Hi Carole! I found your blog through a post on Facebook! Wow, this is a really cool thing you’re doing. Your photos on IG intrigued me and I used to think, “Wow, she’s got a lot of vacation time to travel like this!” And now I know why. 😉 I love that you’re doing what you wanna do. So many people only dream about traveling the world as they sit in their cubicles, but so few actually take action upon it. You’re an inspiration. It’s my goal to leave the corporate world, too, and live on my own terms as I replace my current income with blogging. Have a wonderful day!

    • Hi Ashlyn! Thank you for such kind words and what a lovely website you have! Truly wonderful and looking forward to follow your blogging experience and find out useful tips when I’ll be a mom in training 🙂 Enjoy your week-end and happy blogging!

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