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Art Photos Times Square New York – ooAmerica preview

This is a preview of the Art Photos Times Square New York picture, which will be featured in the ooamerica series. This is an ongoing project and was one of the reasons for the first USA road trip. I’m hoping to get more pictures during the upcoming second road-trip, although the main focus will be on the film / documentary project.


This photo series is part of ooAmerica, ooa’s solo USA Road Trip across all of the United States, driving more than 25,000 miles across North America, through nearly all 50 US states.

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26 Responses

  1. This is such an amazing picture!

  2. Great picture!! I’ll be in NYC tomorrow.

  3. Atari says:

    Very cool. Time lapse?

    • ooa revo says:

      Hi Atari! I wasn’t clear with the meaning of ‘picture’: this series of works are collages / montages of photos – this used to be explicited on the homepage and the about description. This is an ongoing project and I hope to be able to share more about it soon. Thanks!

  4. Fantastic image. Reminds me of the photo-realistic paintings by Robert Estes.

  5. Sean Rone says:

    True Art – !no/questions/asked! You, sir, are a genius whom I wish to meet someday.

  6. shaanthz says:

    Thank you for stopping by. Love the picture of Times Square, where I go so often, but this looks fantastic.

  7. Awesome composite! I look forward to learning more about this project.

  8. Nice picture. I live near Time’s Square and this picture really doesn justice to the visual overload that can occur when standing right smack dab in the middle of it.

    • ooa revo says:

      Thanks. It’s interesting that this ‘visual overload’ is both what makes Times Square such a popular attraction and the reason why one may feel overwhelmed when there.

  9. I’m not sure whether this is a photo or a painting but I’m really liking it, just tweeted it on twitter. Great job on it.

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