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American Portrait USA Road Trip Deep South

American Portrait USA Road Trip Deep South: Fifth set of American ‘portraits’ featuring interviewees during the USA road-trip(s), second post of the South, dubbed ‘Deep,’ including Atlanta GA, Alabama, Mississippi and Memphis, and Arkansas.

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Featured here, and special thanks to them (city corresponds to where I met them, not always where they’re from):


–       Gregory, Atlanta GA, unemployed

–       Mushi (?), Atlanta GA, from Israel, involved in Talmudic studies

–       Andar, Atlanta GA, tourist from India

–       Antoine, Atlanta GA, international student

–       Lalla, Atlanta GA, valet and former monk

–       Cortez, Atlanta GA, “thirty six and black and sexy”

–       Andrew, Atlanta GA, restaurant co-owner, survived a coma

–       Anna, Atlanta GA, world traveler and “no one in particular”

Carbon Hill, AL:

–       Lacey, Carbon Hill AL, Pizza guy

–       Daryl, Carbon Hill AL, brick-layer

–       Judy, Carbon Hill AL, loves the Lord

Tupelo and Memphis:

–       Show car driver, Memphis MS

–       Charlene, Memphis MS

–       Christopher, Memphis MS, horse carriage driver

–       Kara, Tupelo MS

–       Jamie, Tupelo MS, works at a bar

–       John, Tupelo MS, has a story untold

–       James, Memphis MS, people should be treated equally

–       Lydia and George, Natchez MS, “C’est la vie…”

Arkansas and Branson, MO:

–       Phil, Little Rock AK, security

–       Robert Smith, Ozarks AK, focused on living

–       Rick, Branson MO, contemplative fisher

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  1. kunstrijk says:

    Great pics, again. I like their ordinariness. You should look at them with birds singing in the background! What about the security guy 🙂 Where did you find him? And what about the man with the dazed look on his face? It’s like he’s seeing God.

    • ooa revo says:

      Hi, and thanks! A lot of this project does revolve around the beauties found in ‘ordinariness.’ Security guy is Phil, met in Little Rock. The man with the dazed look? He may have in fact ‘seen God,’ I learned from someone else that he had survived a tragic work accident, after being struck by lightning his heart was jolted back into beating. I hinted at this during the interview but he did not care to expand.

  2. jd785 says:

    Great photos. A little slice of our southern life.

  3. Jane Lurie says:

    Excellent photojournalism. Wonderful portraits that convey their personalities. Thank you!

  4. This series of stills is turning out beautifully. Will you do a photo book to accompany the film?

    • ooa revo says:

      Thanks for your support. There’s quite a lot of content, whether photos or writing, which could be turned into a more tangible format… still have to give it some thought and will keep you posted!

  5. Excellent series – nicely done!

  6. Loved all the photos and how they represent the characters of the individuals so well! You’ve really seemed to capture their spirit! Great write up and photos to represent it, a very well done piece 🙂

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