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American Portrait USA Road-Trip Old South Georgia

American Portrait USA Road-Trip Old South Georgia: Fourth set of American ‘portraits’ featuring interviewees during the USA road-trip(s), divided the South in two regions so here’s the ‘Old South’, including Savannah and Athens, Georgia.

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Featured here, and special thanks to them (city corresponds to where I met them, not always where they’re from):

–       Armless Artist, Athens GA

–       Dan, Athens GA, biker who prefers to be useless

–       Michelle and John, Athens GA, UGA students

–       Jere, Hilton Head SC, professor

–       Kay (Roller), Hilton Head SC, school teacher

–       Elizabeth and Theresa?, Hilton Head SC, community workers

–       James (Roller), Hilton Head SC, from Ohio, founded a construction business

–       Pat (Judson Roller), Hilton Head SC, her bikini looks nearly keeled over a US navy boat full of horny officers on return from duty

–       Martinez, Savannah GA, Desert Storm vet

–       Brian, Savannah GA, media outreach for Occupy Savannah

–       Eileen (Boyard), Savannah GA, coffee bar waitress

–       Street cleaner, Athens GA

–       Spencer, Athens GA, UGA student

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