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American Portraits USA Road Trip East Coast Carolinas

Second set of American ‘portraits’ and largest from a given region visited during the USA road-trip(s): East Coast and Carolinas (list of names at bottom).

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Featured here, and special thanks to them (city corresponds to where I met them, not always where they’re from):

1) Williamsburg VA and Chapel Hill NC

–       Carolyn, Chapel Hill NC, French teacher

–       Cow-boy, Chapel Hill NC, epicurean

–       Kerry, Williamsburg VA, works at hot dog shop

–       John, Chapel Hill NC, University of North Carolina undergrad

–       Jordan, Chapel Hill NC, schoolboy

–       Ruby, Chapel Hill NC, Duke undergrad

–       Steven, Williamsburg VA, (from Las Vegas), siderunner during professional runner Jason Lester’s cross-country run

2) Myrtle Beach SC

–       Britney and Kyle, Myrtle Beach SC, expecting couple

–       Jack, SC, fisher

–       Jere, Hilton Head SC, son of stone mason, sociology professor

–       Kay, Hilton Head SC, school teacher,

–       Meredith, Myrtle Beach SC, certified trainer at Olive Garden, aspiring cosmetologist

–       Shawn (Parrington), Isle of Palms SC, recently lost a family member

–       Whitney, Myrtle Beach NC, product sales manager for girl scouts

3) Allendale SC

–       Chantale, Allendale SC, diner waitress

–       Crystal and kids, Allendale SC, South Carolinian public servant

–       Deli manager, Allendale SC

–       Emily, Will and K, Allendale SC, Church volunteer

–       Hustler, Allendale SC, misses having a purpose

–       Jim Boone, Allendale SC, hunting lodge owner

–       Joanna, Allendale SC, community worker

–       Joey, Allendale SC, pastor and community worker

–       Tucker, Allendale SC, high school soccer player and Church volunteer

–       Will and Melissa, Allendale SC, soccer coach and artist

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  1. Mona says:

    I love the power in your portraits.

  2. Rivenrod says:

    Very intriguing . . . I love their lovely faces. Black and white makes the images more soulful. You have a very good eye.

    Thank you,


  3. Interesting project, good luck on the road…

  4. What an interesting way to view a trip — not as landmarks and scenery but the faces of everyday people along the way. And the slideshow approach works so delightfully here.

  5. k7600k says:

    These are great portraits 🙂

  6. laurah88 says:

    Reblogged this on librararianville and commented:
    I love this project. There are so many great portraits. Check them out!

  7. Don’t know how I missed this in my reader when it was published a couple of weeks ago. Great photos, except I don’t think my wife will appreciate hers too much — 🙂

    Seeing these brings back fond memories of meeting you guys. Whether we are in Allendale or anywhere, you’ll always have a place to crash if you want it.

    • ooa revo says:

      Hi Joey, thanks for dropping by and checking it out, like I said these were taken on the fly! Thanks again for welcoming us and look forward to meet you again.

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