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American Portrait West Coast California

American Portrait West Coast California: Tenth and final set of American portraits featuring interviewees during the USA road-trips, West Coast, California, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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Hope you enjoyed! You can find the whole series on the Portrait page.

Next up: Asia, from Japan to India, through China and South East Asia!

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  1. Bashar A. says:

    Lovely collection of portraits 🙂

  2. Kunstrijk says:

    Well, I cannot speak for others. But I’ve surely enjoyed it. You’ve met quite an original set of characters. Some scary, some fun. Liked it a lot. Thanks for sharing. What is the most significant that you’ve learned from this road-trip? Greetz, Kris

    • ooarevo says:

      Hi Kris, it’s always hard to sum up such an experience in one sentence – as it would be for interviewees to give their ‘life philosophy’ – but one thought would be that everybody has an important piece of wisdom to share, and that it’s important to keep our eyes and ears open to hear those views! Best,

  3. david says:

    Amazing – what a set!

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