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Hi all, this is a very important post for as it is the LAST. But it is also the first of two things: the announcement of the launch of, and of an entire new adventure, in Asia this time.

Expect to see a similar, and hopefully improved – and certainly more ‘exotic’ (at least for some of you) – mix of photos, videos, writing, art and more! This trip will take us, yes us, from Japan to India, over the course of the next months.

All content will be posted on and and more specifically ; the ooamerica project in its entirety as it is posted here will also be hosted on the same site, ; you can also find other photo and art content which is not linked to any particular geographic ‘ooa’ project.

I guess you see where I’m going with this, and I’m hoping this new website will serve as an improved, more malleable, and more engaging, digital canvas for current works, and the (hopefully) many works to come soon, and in the future.

The new website is by no means ‘finished’, and I will continue working to improve it over time, so I hope all of you will peruse it leniently, and as always, any feedback is welcome! I’m aware that it is far from perfect, and the design remains to be polished, but I’ve done my best to get it to be minimally functional in time for this new journey. Unfortunately though, I doubt I’ll have much time to do any significant improvements for the duration of the ooAsia travels.

Among the main new features on

– Different sections corresponding to world regions and long-form trips / projects, currently featuring ooAmerica and ooAsia.

– New photo and gallery pages which facilitate browsing and finding content by category and genre, although these will be further improved.

– A secure shopping function which enables to buy 4×6 prints of photos and artwork, – this feature is by no means perfect; I encourage users to view it as a way to show support to ooaworld.

– A new video player which makes it easy to browse through videos and playlists.

– Possibility to register with the site and subscribe to email updates – this will also enable membership features and capabilities in the future (please note if you are a subscriber you should continue to receive updates seamlessly, however should you opt to register directly on, you may unsubscribe from WordPress Jetpack updates to avoid receiving duplicate emails).

– Self-hosted, which makes the site more flexible for future improvements, but also makes it more vulnerable to bugs – I’m crossing my fingers for now and apologize in advance for any inconvenience!

Among the features to be eventually implemented, there are many others:

– Color-coded backgrounds for different world regions.

– Improved navigation menus and browsing.

– Social Login to register / login from your preferred social media.

– Improved map features and geographic navigation.

– Features for members to be able to actively contribute to the story, and share their own.

– Intra-links are not all up to date, as well as post thumbnails.

– Etc. Suggestions welcome! Thanks!

ooAmerica, the Movie, and on to ooAsia

A word about the ooAmerica movie: it is ‘finished,’ and currently lasts about 35min – due to lack of time prior to the departure I have not yet posted it, but I hope to share this with all of you as soon as time and connectivity permit. (By the way, the two last set of American Portraits will be posted on

The movie showcases the “What’s your philosophy in life?” answers of many Americans, from nearly every state I visited. Its production has undoubtedly suffered from lack of time-slash-resources, but also inexperience, laziness, and simply put my cruel lack of ability; and yet, in some other respects, I’m satisfied with its genre and tone, which may not please all, but is close to what I had originally envisioned.

I do not bar revisiting it in the future, and I’m sure the ooAsia project will bring its share of images, footage and ideas, which will in return fuel this project. In fact, I’ll be seeking to build upon the foundations of ooAmerica, and along with your help, rise up and beyond!

Check out and to find out more! Thanks!

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  1. Dennis says:

    Look forward to your new posts.

  2. I think you are doing quite a good job exploring. And it must be fun too! Keep it up. Sadly, I find it a tad challenging commenting and liking your posts. Please you don’t have to undertake a massive, very expensive site reconstruction on that account. I’ll manage when I can. Be cool!

    • ooarevo says:

      Thank you, will keep exploring – and having fun. Apologies for the current site design, which I agree can be much improved, hope to do so as soon as possible (fortunately haven’t spent money on the redesign, just time).

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