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Becak Jogja and Jogjakarta Pedicabs, Indonesia, Photo Portraits

Photo Indonesia Pedicab Brothers Ooaworld

Becak Jogja, the pedicabs of Yogyakarta, Indonesia

First set of photos from Jogja (also known as Jogjakarta, officially spelled Yogyakarta): a short photo series featuring portraits and pictures of Jogja’s Becak, the Indonesian name for pedicabs. I’ll have some other similar series as we move along westwards in the Asia journey. A lot of content from Indonesia’s cultural hub and university town, including life philosophy interviews, videos, more photos and stories, coming shortly.


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  1. Irus says:

    Becak was my favorite public ride when i was a lil and whenever I visit Indonesia, I’d love to ride on becak again!

  1. February 19, 2015

    […] as Jogja, or Jogjakarta), meeting students and visiting Indonesia’s cultural city. Or see the photo series of Jogja Becaks (pedicabs). Next: videos, photos and more stories from Jogja, as well as travel tips to visit […]

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