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Delaware Road Trip Gloomy Test Drive – Travel Writing

April 6th, 2011

I have learned the verdict and “it is not good.” Yet still I carry on unaffected, sending money which I can’t well consider mine down the drain!
In the mechanic’s own words, “this would be the last time I spend money on this car.”
Unfortunate words, it is a week old, and I have already drowned more than $3,500!
The worst part: I could have blown the head gasket, but of course, there is no way of knowing till I go through with the $600 repairs necessary.

But let me come back to yesterday, a terrible day really – though for a reason I do not understand I have been emotionally resilient, to the point of indifference. Am I high on life, or am I like the gambler on the road to perdition, who thrills sardonically as he loses it all away, amused by his own downwards spiral?

Delaware: nice people, ‘simple’ folk, without the high-browed biases and pretentions of urban dwellers on the East Coast. – though they are not entirely without bias, because they actually feel imposed upon by the citydwellers’ views (ie, view themselves as ‘simple’ folk cf Il n’est pas d’autre)

Two different people saw me walking and offered to give me a ride.
This is not a land for pedestrians. A single eight-laned road / highway, bordered with fast-food franchises, diners, mobile service providers, motels, and a few other super-retail stores.
Of the two, one was a mechanic who had seen me drop off the car, the other was an old guy, presumably gay. He looked like he had put pink makeup on his cheeks, and spontaneously offered that I sleep at his house. I had already booked the motel, the Relax Inn.
A deserted airport.
People notice I’m new to the area, however spread out.
Pale Asians a rare occurrence here. (a few Indians, including the motel keepers). Otherwise unwell-fed white Americans, here overweight becomes obesity.

Return to New York – drove through Princeton. Heavy rain and night by NJ Turnpike. Hard time figuring out windshield wipers.
Wait for license to come in

Checklist (from Apr. 4th)
– tune up/spark plugs
– Bluetooth
– 4G wifi
– move back seat
– AC adapter
– Catch up google maps / thismyamerica
– Get tinted paper
– Get backup gas tank
– Throw sauces / pans
– Get extra mat / sleeping bag / blanket
– Install canon eos
– Find way to strap camera to seat
– Get rid of large desk drawer
– Find shower / better hygiene (basin or shower bag)
– Flashlight
– knife
– electric stove / grill

See the photos or watch the video from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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