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Drawings Fall 2010

Drawings Fall 2010

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  1. st3jace says:

    These abstractions are awesome. When I see these I think of letting your mind wander, and it really captures the act of your brain working in abstract patterns. I mean either way when you’re doing these, you’re either forcibly or freely coming out with a pattern so it works both ways. There’s coherence. I also think of the word ‘conventional’ but I don’t mean that in a bad way. Purposeful. Bottom line- I like your art.

    • ooa revo says:

      Hey, thanks a lot for visiting and for your comment.
      What you’re explaining here is something rather hard to put in words, though possible, and you’ve done it well :). I think I get exactly what you’re trying to say – or, reversely, that you understand very well the kind of internal processes at work which lead to these expressions. For this type of work, I do try to deliberately ‘express’, or ’emulate’ or ‘channel’ or ‘capture’ (or whichever appropriate term) these processes, though often times this is ‘sub-consciously’ guided by the process itself (and perhaps must be to an extent in order to achieve this purpose!), which you call (appropriately considering how little we know about all this at this point!) ‘the brain working in abstract patterns’.
      I hope we can share more on this subject soon, thanks a lot for your feedback, hope you’ll follow the rest of the adventure!

  2. I like this style of drawing. What is it called? the image is stunningly attractive and the shades complements.

  3. There’s something about line drawings … love these! =D

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