Fun facts and numbers

These are all estimates for Part 1 of the road-trip, numbers for Part 2 will be available soon. Click on Wordle picture for full size.

General Itinerary

6 months of traveling (April – September)

142 actual days on the road

13,600 miles

300+ hours driving

31 states

125 days on the US mainland

14 days in Canada

1 day in Mexico

18 days in Hawaii

20 days out of North America / USA

13,700 ft highest elevation (Mauna Kea, HI)

115 degrees highest temperature (Oklahoma-Texas)

Car expenses

5 breakdowns (1 coolant system, 1 fuel pump shutoff, 2 tire, 1 out of gas)

1 fender-bender (minor, New Orleans)

Dozens of times resting the car because of overheating

3700$ of car, registration, insurance and repairs

3700$ of gas

1000 gallons of gas

People and sites

12s of people with recorded conversations (audio, video or writing)

43 email and / or contacts

68 encounters with girls my age

2 fruitful encounters with girls

1 night spent at a stranger’s house

11 national parks and national monuments

3 types of natural disaster (tornado, flooding, wildfire)

1 outdoor fire

18 museums and visits

Law enforcement

8 encounters with police

4 times woken up by a police officer

2 dismissed speeding tickets (Texas and South Dakota)

1 parking fine (Des Moines, $15)

1 heated argument

Media work

8000 pictures

121 blog pictures

1000 video clips

500 gigabytes of pictures and footage

16 interviews

88 Word pages of notes

23 edited video chapters

15 sketches and drawings

3 notebooks

4 books read

Sleep and hygiene

100 nights spent in the car

32 nights spent at friends’ or family homes (Toronto, Athens, GA, Las Cruces, NM, Los Angeles, CA, San Francisco, CA, Honolulu, HI)

22 nights spent in a bed or couch-bed (instead of an undersized couch or floor)

5 nights at hotels (Las Vegas, NV, Tijuana, Buffalo, WY)


0 sleeping bag

0 blanket

2 pillows

2 towels

1 sheet


18 real showers (homes and camping, on-road only)

4 lake and river wash-offs

16 rinse-offs at rest stops and other

6 trips to the laundry (eeew!)

Food and daily life (these only include on-road diet)

50 coffees (stopped drinking coffee for a while)

50 burgers

10 hot-dogs

10 buffets


25 cans of ravioli

15 cans of vegetables

8 cooking rice and beans

50 cans of food

2 propane canisters

36 beers

22 whiskies


0 ‘major’ fast-food chains (McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, KFC, etc)

5 semi-major fast-food chains, with caveat that they were first-timers (1 White Castle, 1 Captain of sea)

6 groceries at Walmart

14 Responses

  1. jp says:

    Neat graphic.

    You had 1 can of vegetables every 10 days.

  2. I love the documentary idea and the way you were able to keep track of your numbers. Glad you were able to do this trip and have such great things to share about it. Will be reading more of your blog in the future!

  3. corinsingh says:

    Thanks for the follow! Without it i may never have come to see this fun facts page. Very clever idea and it proves you’re more adventurous than me! Keep it up and enjoy.

  4. corinsingh says:

    Thanks for the follow – without it I probably wouldn’t have seen this facts page. Very clever/funny idea and it proves you’re more adventurous than me. Keep up the good work!

  5. Ben says:

    Thanks for following. Ambitious project and you’ve done it. How did you ever make it without visiting the major fast-food chains?

    • ooa revo says:

      It wasn’t always easy. There were times when I was parched and went the extra mile(s) to end up at a… Target. so it’s not a perfect world, but I tried!

  6. Law enforcement_ 1 heated argument. Do tell.

  7. themightyf says:

    This is fantastic all around! Is captain of the sea the same thing as cpt d’s? I would walk the sahara for cpt d’s chocolate cake. Congrats on this grand adventure.

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