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American Portrait USA Road Trip North Glacier Park

American Portrait USA Road Trip North Glacier Park: Eighth set of American ‘portraits’ featuring interviewees during the USA road-trip(s), the ‘North’ including Idaho, Montana, Wyoming. Two more to go!

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Featured here, and special thanks to them (city corresponds to where I met them, not always where they’re from):

8) North Glacier

–       Brian, Butte MT, spins sports betting balls

–       CallMeMaybe, Blackfoot ID, did not speak English, will call back

–       Dan, Buffalo WY, showed me how to re-hoof a horse

–       Dave, Blackfoot ID, and child

–       Dean, Butte MT, “Love, in action and words”

–       Jay, Glacier MT, from Thailand, “Be happy”

–       Jessie, Butte MT, was late for work but gave some time

–       Richard and John, Missoula MT, from the Bay Area, where else

–       Shiyalo?, Glacier MT, from Thailand, studying to be a judge

–       Skater boy, Blackfoot ID

–       Suzette, Butte MT


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  1. kunstrijk says:

    People with big noses always look friendly, don’t you think so? How do you persuade people to go for the camera. You never told us. Or did I miss something? Greetz, Kris.

    • ooa revo says:

      Hadn’t thought of the nose thing but funny observation. Re the interviews, that’s a good idea idea for a future post, if you don’t mind – introduction is key, it can help having a ‘wingman’ (ie during the second trip instead of ‘lone wolf’ the first time around), and it took practice to get better at it! Best, ooa

  2. I have been reading and old book called Blue Highways by William Least Heatmoon. It has been delightful to compare your interviews and pictures with his descriptions of the people he met along the way. Similarities and differences are easy to spot.

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