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Idaho, Glaciers and Divided Wisdom – USA Road Trip Video – ooAmerica 31

Video featuring shots from Glacier National Park and interviews of people met in Blackfoot, Idaho, as well as Butte and Missoula, Montana, set to the dramatic music of Ian Makau.

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  1. kategreer says:

    What do you shoot with? Really interesting juxtaposition with the videos!

  2. Real nice post. I will have to come back and see it again. Nice comparison of country and people.

  3. Great video. I had to watch it twice because I kept looking at one screen and miss stuff on the other. Lol.

  4. Good stuff… I liked the music

  5. This is such a great idea. I love the interviews and having both videos going at once. It gives the whole thing a real travel feel. And some of those shots are just gorgeous.

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