Instagram Photos: Southeast Asia, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia

Hi all, it’s been a while. We’re nearly 8 months into the Asia travels, and time has begun to swirl and trance into new meanings.

Last stops included Myanmar (Burma) and we’ve now entered the last third, or leg, of the trip, South Asia, starting with Sri Lanka and moving towards Bangladesh, India, and finally Nepal. Internet access has become more than sporadic, making it extremely difficult to keep up with regular updates.

Hard as it may have been, I’ve grown comfortable with the fact that it won’t be possible to publish the entirety of our travel stories in sync with the actual trip, and that much of it will be published after the fact (the notes, videos and photos are all being captured live though!) I regret not having been able to post these stories on the go, as we travel, but I’m also excited that I’ll have more time subsequently to provide some quality content, including videos and writing which can be time-consuming to piece together.

There have been plenty of adventures, encounters, and spectacular scenes to be shared, and I’m excited to do so as soon as possible. I can only hope you’ll deem them to be worth the wait…

In the meantime, here are some phone photos from Southeast Asia including Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, also published on Instagram:

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Thanks and share the road!

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  1. Al says:

    Travelling outside the reach of wifi or 3G does tend to put a no-go on the updating. I know I’ll be happy to read it when you’re done though

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