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Kuala Lumpur Old Market and Batu Caves Travel Photos

Photos from Kuala Lumpur, visiting the Old Market and other Kuala Lumpur sites and monuments, as well as the Batu Caves. This is the last photo series from Kuala Lumpur before moving onwards to Borneo, then back to KL to head over to Cameron Highlands in Malaysia.

Also see street photography and photos walking through downtown Kuala Lumpur, discovering the Malaysian capital and its people.

Also see the Petronas Twin Towers and Shopping Mall Architecture photo series or watch the time-lapse videos of the Petronas Twin Towers and Shopping Mall in Kuala Lumpur, part of the OOAsia timelapse movie.

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This destination and travel story is part of OOAsia, a Year-long Journey and Travels through Asia. This the second installment in the OOA Journeys:

  • OOAmerica – Travels through North America and USA Road-Trip
  • OOAsia – Travels through Asia
  • OOAmericaS – Travels through Central and South America
  • EurOOA – Travels through Europe
  • OOAfrica – Travels through Africa
  • OOACeania – Travels through Oceania
  • OOArabia – Travels through North Africa and the Middle East

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  1. March 28, 2024

    […] more photos from Kuala Lumpur Old Market, other sites and the Batu Caves. […]

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