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La Boca Photos Buenos Aires’ Arts District, Argentina

La Boca Photos Buenos Aires’ Arts District, pictures of the colorful arts district named La Boca in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Also including two portrait pictures from the initial philosophy of life interviews on the travels through South America.

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Ancestral Art Argentina

Argentina Buenos Aires La Boca Street Rolling Coconut OOAworld Photo Ooaworld

Argentina Buenos Aires La Boca Street Rolling Coconut OOAworld

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Artist Room La Boca Buenos Aires

Hugo Urlacher Artist Buenos Aires Argentina Photo Ooaworld

Hugo Urlacher, the artist who produced the design on the 20-pesos bill in Argentina

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La Boca Art Buenos Aires

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La Boca Marcella

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La Boca Texture Buenos Aires

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This has been the longest hiatus without posting on OOAworld (almost 9 months!) – the detailed reasons why are unimportant, suffice it to say I’ve been busy learning about new storytelling (virtual reality and 360 videos) and that you can expect even more stories from around the world to be told in new and original media – soon to come. Thanks!

For more photos from Buenos Aires, also see the the article from the first days in Buenos Aires spent around Av. Corrientes, the local Broadway or Theater District, as well as Calle Florida, Buenos Aires’ commercial district.

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  1. Great photos! Looking forward for the 360 videos 😉

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