South Korea “Tell me a Story”, Gene, Seoul

First featured interview of ooAsia’s “Tell me a Story” documentary: meet Gene from Seoul, South Korea, who also happened to be our great CouchSurfing host. He describes schooling during his childhood and the problems that come when a system is unjustly applied.

This was not the first interview to be conducted – in the next post, I’ll be sharing more about some of the challenges that arise from the Asia travels and getting interviews in a foreign language. In the previous post I share some tips on how to get video interviews with strangers, based on my experience during ooAmerica in the United States.


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  1. willykean says:

    Let me tell my story. When i was in primary school, in Ivory Coast (a french speaking country), i used to make my elder sister punished during my first period. The fact is that we all learned our mother tongue before starting school . Unfortunately, mother tongues were forbiden. When any school girl or boy was caught speaking his mother tongue, he was pusnished by teachers and had to wear a snail shell nacklace until someone else was caught.

    But at this age (five years old); i was strong minded enough to think that this rule was a certain colonialism. I told the teacher, i will never ever wear that stupid and ridiculous thing. My sister who loves me so much and needed to protect me, always agreed to wear it for me.

    Today i know how painful that could have been for her. and how much she loves me.

    • ooarevo says:

      Hello and thanks for sharing this moving, personal story. I hope this can become a place for people to share their thoughts and stories and will seek to create dedicated sites / pages for this. Thanks again for sharing.

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