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Travel Drawings: sketches and more ooaddles (abstract-ish doodles)

A few more drawings and ooaddles from the road and since I’ve been back in NY.

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  1. colors4u says:

    Thanks for following!
    I like your drawings.

  2. spaark says:

    Love your trailer…and these too. very interesting project..I am looking forward to reading more.

  3. Fantomette says:

    Hi ! I love your work ! i love the texture that comes from. for real, i prefer so much drawings of people, of characters. Good job, enjoy the next.
    Thxs for following by the way!

  4. Love these!

    Just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and subscribing. Hope to see you again soon.


  5. noniska says:

    wow, i’m so impressed! your art, your vision, your journey: inspiring! keep on keepin’ on, my friend 🙂

  6. Pattie says:

    Nice! You’ve got some great doodles here. Some of my best work came from doodles.

  7. cool. this looks like one serious blog! thanks for following me 🙂

  8. These are great! Looking forwards to seeing some more. 🙂

  9. These are fabulous, it’s great to meet you.

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