ooamerica Part 2: USA Road-Trip kickstarts on Live Radio: The Welding Room @10pm

D-Day! After number of trials and tribulations, we (Redrik and I) are now a few hours away from our departure from the New York area.

More than 6,000 miles and 24 states await

And we’ll be launching the Kickstarter campaign in the next days, more on that soon.

On air – The Welding Room

Our first stop will be in the Philly area, by the radio studios of The Welding Room, part of gashouseradio.com, thanks to an invitation by host Rik Johnson (who sounds like a really cool guy!).

The radio show usually airs ‘heavy metal’ music, which I must admit, despite my musical tastes which I’d like to be genre-blind but ear-sensitive, is not traditionally my cup of coffee. But then again, the whole point of such a journey is to rid ourselves of preconceptions, to delve a bit further into new comfort zones. So I couldn’t hope for a better venue.

I hope you get a chance to listen to the show online or on the radio, but we’ll also be recording it so nothing will be lost.

We’ll be there from 10pm to midnight (eastern) to discuss the project and approach to this road-trip, which has one main focus:

–       to meet people during our travels and ask them all at least one common question:

“What’s your philosophy in life?”

I hope the resulting work will, to its humble extent, help promote peaceful thinking and tolerance amongst people of all tides.

So yes, this is it.

And yet, I feel like there are so many things left to be done even before the trip (but isn’t that part of the beauty too?).

PS: I now realize that in the rush to depart, however much it has been delayed, there are several new developments which have yet to presented, including a substantial car upgrade. For those who have been following Part 1, during which I traveled and slept for months in good ol’ Fanta, a more literal than figurative ‘clunker’, well… you’re in for a surprise.

Actually, myself included. I still can’t believe it. But you gotta see it, right? Stay tuned… and share the road!

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  1. The anticipation of the days leading up to departure are the scariest and most thrilling. Glad that you guys got on a metal radio station – it may not be your cup, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a more passionate group of music fans than metalheads. I’m sure you’ll gain a few followers from it. Good luck, safe travels, and have fun.

    • ooa revo says:

      Thanks for your wise words. The radio show was indeed a very fun experience. The anticipation and stress before the departure were palpable, but the open road now awaits.

  2. Very exciting! Have fun guys.

  3. Mmmmm..it sounds great! I would like to join you for a while. Buon viaggio e saluti dall’Italia.

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