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Twentyish April

(18th in fact) It’s snowing, wet flakes in the sandy beach town of Cobourg, on the green and grey grass of Victoria Park. Workers are taking down Christmas decorations. Everybody is wishing for spring, but the weather gods have likely decided to skip it entirely.

Canada: a chicken channel? One can enjoy the beauties of watching virtual rotisserie chicken being cooked for hours on end.

Bravo Swiss Chalet!

Note – my friend actually ordered Swiss Chalet in the hour that followed.

Also cheers to the aquarium channel.

April 23rd

I awoke today to a scene of rare desolation. Outside the bay windows, from floor to ceiling, which usually overlook the city and skyline of Toronto, its high-rises and brick buildings unfurling all the way to the horizon, nothing.

Only a curtain of thick grey, fog so dense that one might lose his own hands in it.

I have caught up on some correspondence and some work I must finish before leaving again. The open road awaits. I will leave in a few days after giving one of my last shots at the Real World.

April 29th

I have been delayed a few days but I have completed my meetings. I should be back in the US by tonight. Things are about to get interesting, wild. The (sometimes sleepless) nights spent in the car are about to start, but also the nights spent staring at the stars and the solitary wanderings through America’s beautiful landscapes.

A hurricane and twisters have wrought havoc and killed nearly 300 people in Alabama and the surrounding states, following more or less the route I was planning on taking. There will certainly be stories to be told. Till then, I send my love to those who have lost close ones.

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  1. Patrice says:

    Greetings from north of Toronto! Glad to have you ‘Following’ me. Going to continue having a look around your blog – Fascinating stuff!

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