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USA Road Trip Departure, to Montreal – Travel Writing

April 14th (and April 13th)

I left yesterday on the Big D. Was supposed to meet G in Morristown, NJ, but ended up leaving towards 9pm after he hadn’t yet showed up.
Drove up to Albany and past in the night, got off the exit at Saratoga springs and found a quiet place in a residential neighborhood.
Woke up cold, startled by the bright light. Slept straight through to six o’clock. A beautiful day, the early sun working the dew away, which slipped upwards from the fields as above hot springs.
Took some pictures, trespassing on a property. Friendly conversation with the lady who stepped out.
Took my first nature dump, steaming and soft.
Drove up to Frontier Town, north of Schrooner Lake. There walked and took pictures, shot some video.
Drive up North, through customs, eyes glazed. Then Montreal.
Walked around, rejoice in the friendliness, cleansiness, brightness, and overall feel of this city, which I love.
Am now waiting to get in touch with my friends.

– Photos and video (NY, video…)
– Car checklist (remove seat, 4g Wifi, plug for AC converter, setup tinted cellophane on windows, additional optional equipment: sleeping bag or blanket, electric stove or grill, knife, flashlight, backup gas tank, plastic tray to organize books
– Ooa
– Must script beginning of video

Twentyish April

(18th in fact) It’s snowing, wet flakes in the sandy beach town of Cobourg, on the green and grey grass of Victoria Park. Workers are taking down Christmas decorations. Everybody is wishing for spring, but the weather gods have likely decided to skip it entirely.

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