Philadelphia view of river

Travel Photos Philadelphia – Pennsylvania and Canada

Featuring Philadelphia Photos, as well as from upper New York and Canada, among the first stops of USA Road Trip ooAmerica:

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Go, Departure USA Road Trip Photo ooaworld

Go, Departure USA Road Trip

Living in a Car USA Road Trip Pizza Box

Philadelphia funky street

Philadelphia funky street

Photos Philadelphia streets

Photos Philadelphia streets

Photos Philadelphia river view

Photos Philadelphia river view

Stopped by this cemetery in Pennsylvania

Stopped by this cemetery in Pennsylvania

Delaware photo ooaworld

While stranded in Delaware after car trouble…

Dawn in upper New York photo ooaworld

Waking up at dawn, upper NY

Abandoned cash register machine photo ooaworld

Choices, USA Road Trip

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This photo series is part of ooAmerica, ooa’s solo USA Road Trip across all of the United States, driving more than 25,000 miles across North America, through nearly all 50 US states.

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  1. Nice photos of Philly. I’m trained as a geologist so I thought the rock photos were particularly “gneiss.” In Philly’s Fairmount Park and Central Park in NY, the rocks are the same type. And if they aren’t gneiss, they’re just schist. 😉

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