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How To Get an Indian Visa in Yangon, Myanmar

Find out, in this post, how to get an Indian visa in Myanmar. This article will focus on tourist visas only, from the Indian Embassy in Yangon. Procedure, processing time and costs of visa provided. 


Getting a tourist visa for India from the Indian Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar is an extremely easy thing to do!


The tourist visa application for India is a three-step process:


1st: Apply online here

2nd: Drop off paperwork, passport and make payment at Indian Embassy

3rd: Pick up your passport with Indian visa inside within 72-business-hours


What you will need:

  • one color digital passport photo to go with your online application
  • printed version of the visa application ( I recommend keeping a digital copy + 1 paper copy for yourself)
  • passport
  • photocopy of your passport
  • return ticket, if applicable – see 1st step below
  • date of arrival/hotel name and address in India and Myanmar
  • two passport sized photographs
  • at least 6 months of validity left on passport
  • at least one blank page in passport for the visa
  • US Dollars to pay for the visa at the Indian Embassy (no other currency accepted)



Let’s go through each step in depth:


1st: You can fill out the online application here:

You will need to print the visa application and note down the application ID number.


Period of Visa: we put down 3 months but intended to be there for 2 – visa is valid from the date of issue, not journey i.e. our visa was issued on Sept 3rd, so we could be in India until Dec. 2nd


Address in India: if you do not have a hotel booked yet, which was our case, just put down the address of any hotel in the city you intend to visit first.


Number of entries: We requested multiple entries, in case we wanted to go to Bangladesh or Sri Lanka while in India but that was denied when we submitted our application – we were given double entry. We ended up going to Sri Lanka and Bangladesh before reaching India so one entry sufficed.


Port of Exit: we left that part blank since our intention was to cross the border by land to Nepal – which was completely acceptable. The lady processing the visas helped us fill out that part, you can enter “By Land”.


2nd: Bring all documentation to :

Embassy of India, Yangon

545-547 Merchant St,

Kyauktada Township, Yangon ( between 36th and Pansodan Street)

Tel:95-1-388412, 243972 (the Embassy is walking distance from the White House Hotel).

Indian Embassy in Yangon Myanmar ooaworld Rolling Coconut Photo Ooaworld
Indian Embassy in Yangon Myanmar

When you get to the Embassy, before granted entry, a (very nice) man at the door will ask if you have the proper documentation for your application. If you are missing photocopies, there is a copy shop a couple minutes away (to the right when facing the Embassy). It is a first come, first serve process.

Cost of Visa:    

USD $40 Visa Application Fee

+ USD $25 Fax fee

+ USD $2 application service fee

= USD $67 Total Visa Cost

Working hours are M-F: 9am to 5:30pm. Be there early as the line can fill up pretty fast. The best is to turn in your application before noon so the processing starts that day and they may not accept applications in the afternoon. Visas are issued within 72 business hours.

Notes: Please check Myanmar and Indian holiday calendar. Since you have to leave your passport at the Embassy, please make sure you have photocopies of your passport on you, especially if you intend to travel during the 3 days (which we did and one of the hotels originally did not accept our passport photocopies.)

Link to Embassy of India, Yangon:


3rd: Last step is to pick-up your passport, with the visa in it, 3 working days later. We came back 5 days later – we visited Mawlamyine/Hpaan/Kyaktiyo in the meantime – and had no trouble retrieving our passport in the afternoon.

The process is very straightforward and easy though can take some time as everything is done manually. Nothing was inputted into a computer at the time of our visit and only one person was handling the application submissions (August 2013) – fairly representative of typical Indian bureaucracy.

You should be all set! Good luck and Happy Travels! xx


Anyone tried getting a 6-months tourist visa from the Embassy of India in Yangon? If so, how did it go? Share any updates you may have on this process with us!

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9 Responses

  1. Gabriele says:

    Hey , thank u for the post! Someone know , if now, in 2017, is possible to do indian visa in Myanmar? For italian, european, passport, no resident in Myanmar?

  2. Louise Brosset says:

    I did the Indian Visa in Yangon in May 2017. Be carefull, many foreigners had to come many times to get it, because the process is really complicated.

    1. The embassy opens at 9.30 am but you must be there around 7am to get a token which will allow you to go in to leave your documents. No token, no need to queue, you will not get in anyway.
    2. You also need to put your name on a list (a weird piece of paper hiden under a rock somewhere in the street) First we thought it was a joke but it wasn’t. Ask for it in the street.
    3. Don’t forget to download a picture on your online form. It is necessary (even though it’s said on the internet that you can skip it).
    4. Last thing, you need to have new dollars (the exact amount). Each note is examinated, if some part is crumbled, it will not be taken. You’ll need another note.You must then come grab in 72h later in flesh (they take your fingerprints and a picture of you), but it is really quick (5min for me)!

  3. Elisa says:

    6 months for every nationity??

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