Shanghai videos: Laundry picking, Tales of Strangers

Hello, the following are two videos from Shanghai, China. The first one is a video clip about one of the dynamic city’s quainter features: its countless laundry lines strewn with clothes. The second is an interview with a young woman sharing a story – a joke in this case.

We’ll be posting many more interviews – both asking people “What’s your philosophy in life?” as well as  “Tales of Strangers,” asking people to share a story of their choice – collected during our journey across 18 countries in Asia!

In many cases, I had no idea what the interviewee’s response was, since some of the languages encountered included Tagalog , Malay, Vietnamese, Thai, Burmese, Bengali, Hindi,  Nepali and many more!  I hope that readers will be able to help with these – thanks!

I’d also like to thank, and apologize for not doing so earlier, Kieran Maynard, for helping to translate the first interviews in China.


Shanghai, China: “Hanging Laundry”



“Tales of Strangers” Shanghai, China – Waitress tells a joke


Lastly, I’m proud to introduce Rolling Coconut, a travel site which will feature travel reviews of the many places visited during our quasi-year-long travels through Asia. Content will include photos, maps, itineraries, names of hotels and where to stay, recommendations on food and places to eat, ideas for activities and visits, as well as helpful travel tips and local insight.

Rolling Coconut was created and is edited by my dearest, coconutwp, and will feature some of her beautiful photography – I hope to also be able contribute photos to travel reviews, for example photos of monuments and sites which I don’t typically include here on ooaworld.

Summaries of the travel reviews will be also be posted on ooaworld but you’ll have to go to Rolling Coconut for the full story: I hope both sites will nicely complement each other by catering both to readers who seek specific and / or practical travel information, as well as those interested in the editorial content posted on ooaworld.

Rolling Coconut can be accessed at ! Check it out!

It’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to post, but from now on I hope this will happen a lot more regularly! Thanks for your continued support and following ooaworld, there are plenty of adventures, stories, photos and videos coming up ahead!

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