Travel Videos-Interviews Guangzhou, China: Life Philosophy, Tales of Strangers

Hi, the following are two video interviews in Guangzhou, China, asking strangers to share their philosophy in life or tell a story of their choice. As usual, any help translating these videos so I can add subtitles is much appreciated, thanks!

In the next post we’ll be departing from China and the continental mainland (at long last!), after a short pass through Shenzhen, Hong-Kong and Macau.

After that, we’ll be taking a short break from ooasia to publish a series of photo posts featuring some previous work from a few destinations in Europe and Africa, stay tuned!

Famous Peanuts, Guangzhou

He declined to share his life philosophy but discusses his job.


Cake Shop, Guangzhou

The friendly woman from the cake shop shares a story of her choice.

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  1. Kieran Maynard says:

    I couldn’t get comments to work on YouTube just now.

    Here are the subtitles for the Guangzhou video. I’m not a native speaker of Mandarin so there may be mistakes in my transcription.

    Guangzhou, China, Cake Shop – Tales of Strangers Interview

    0:09 我最感动是有一次,我生病了,我发烧在家里
    0:15 然后她(我女儿)会跑到冰箱里面给我拿……tun le qian?
    0:23 他会给我倒水说“妈妈你怎么样啊。妈妈会不会舒服一点”
    0:26 “妈妈我帮你按摩吧。”
    0:31 就是我女儿会做很多这样的事情让我们感动
    0:34 然后她犯错误的时候,她会说“妈妈对不起我错了,你原谅我吧。”
    0:41 对对,三岁。她会做这些给我
    0:48 这是因为有人抱抱你的baby之后,你会觉得你的生活中最重要的就是她了
    0:55 就跟所有的工作啊,然后生活啊,这些在她面前都已经不是很重要的
    1:04 就除了她以外,她是最重要的

    0:09 One of the times I was most moved was when I got sick; I had a fever at home
    0:15 and she [my daughter] would go to the refrigerator and grab the ?? [not sure what she’s saying]
    0:23 She would pour hot water for me and say, “Mom, how are you feeling? Do you feel a little better?”
    0:26 “Mom, how about I give you a massage?”
    0:31 My daughter would do these kind of things for me and I was really moved.
    0:34 And when she makes a mistake, she says, “Mom, I’m sorry, I made a mistake. How about you forgive me?”
    0:41 Yes. Three years old. She will do these things for me.
    0:48 It’s because when you hold your own baby, you will feel that she is the most important thing in your life.
    0:55 Compared to her, work and your life and all are just no longer that important.
    1:04 Besides her. She is most important.

  2. ooarevo says:

    Hi Kieran, thanks as always – and happy to understand her story! I’ve added the subtitles.

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