Visit the Kaiping Diaolou, China

This article provides information on visiting the Kaiping Diaolou in China: what to do and where to stay in Kaiping.

Our escape from Guangzhou to Kaiping for a day was not as successful as we would have wanted it to be (read the full story from Rolling Coconut) but find out here what to do and where to stay !


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The Oldest Diaolou in Kaiping is in San Men Li

How to get there – From Guangzhou to Kaiping by Bus

Bus from Guangzhou to Kaiping – there is no direct train from Guangzhou to Kaiping so your best option is by bus. You can board the bus from the following bus stations :

– Provincial (Metro Station : Guangzhou Railway Station),

– Guangfo (Metro Station: Zhongshanba),

– Fangcun (Metro Station : Fangcun),

– East (Metro Station : Guangzhou East Railway Station) and

– South (Metro Station : South Railway Station) bus stations.

Find out the schedule and fares here.

It takes about 2.5 to 3hrs to reach Kaiping from Guangzhou by bus.


Kaiping to Diaolous by Bus:

– Private car: 300+CNY for the day. Diaolous are dispersed in and around Kaiping.

– Public transportation: from the main bus station in Kaiping, there are many buses to take you to the diaolous. We had a hard time explaining where we were trying to go in Chinese though were able to get dropped off at the oldest Diaolou in Kaiping.


What to do – Sights and Activities in Kaiping

The Kaiping Dialous are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, they are fortresses built in the early 1900s after Chinese travelers came back from their European voyage. The main purpose of these fortresses was to fight against bandits but they were also used as a place of residence. There are about 1800 fortresses left in Kaiping today, and are dispersed aorund the city, some a little further out and others in the middle of the town. Click here for a suggested itinerary in Kaiping and here for a sample list of fortresses to visit.


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The grimmer reality of the surroundings in Kaiping

Where to stay: Hotels in Kaiping

Starting rate for accommodations in Kaiping is USD $20 at New World Hotel Kaiping. Amenities include : WiFi, hot water, air-conditioning. It is located close to one of the long-distance bus stations.

Kaiping Fujing Hotel’s starting rate is USD $20 and is located near the Cangjiang river and many shopping facilities in Kaiping. Amenities include : WiFi in public areas, hot water, air-conditioning and free water bottles.


All in all, Kaiping’s fortresses (from the ones we saw) and history is impressive but if you are short on time, it is not a must visit of China. It might be preferable to spend an extra day in Yangshuo or heading towards Shenzhen to witness the development of big cities in China.

Happy Travels!!xx

How was your Kaiping experience ? Any other activities you may suggest ? Share your experience with us !

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